Colourpop Crushed Crystal Liquid Highlighters Amethyst & Aquamarine

I was really excited when I saw this Crystal Collection coming out from Colourpop just because it’s such a unique collection. There are 4 crystals, each with products infused with that specific crystal. Adventurine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Aquamarine. I wanted to try a setting spray but was only able to get the Amethyst & Aquamarine Liquid Highlighters ($9, 0.85 oz/25 mL)

Amethyst – lavender with a pink flip, infused with crushed amethyst crystals

“…a calming stone that opens the third eye and clears the mind, enhancing intuition and inner strength. Attract peace and balance in your mind, body, and spirit.”
Aquamarine – blue with a violet flip infused with crushed aquamarine crystals

“…embodies the energy of the ocean in its crystal clear purity and its calm, relaxing properties. Known for promoting mental clarity and help to inspire truth and wisdom.”

Product: I really love the packaging on the whole crystal collection-the outer packaging as well as the bottles themselves. They are glass, which always makes a product feel more luxurious and has a pump. Now this is one of my cons with these highlighters, it pumps out way too much product no matter how softly you try; and with the way the formula is you really need a tiny amount. The Amethyst shade is actually very wearable and the tiny duochrome glitters in it are more of a magenta color. Aquamarine is a more striking duochrome with lavender-blue glitters.

Application: These highlighters are very liquidy and have a thin, slippery texture that takes some time to blend into the skin with your fingers, but a makeup sponge helps to blend it out faster. You also have to shake these up before using. Both highlighters are very pigmented but can become more wearable if you use a sponge. 

Are these my favorite liquid highlighters/formula- unfortunately, no. I have to work with them a little more and I don’t love its slippery texture. My favorite is still the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector; I just love its creamier, easier to blend formula much more (however it does set you back $41 for the full size 😐). Overall, these are a great buy if you love liquid highlighters and fun, duochrome shades-and you’re getting a huge amount for $9. 


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