Forever 21/H&M Haul🖤

Forever 21 and H&M are some of the best places to turn to if you want a great wardrobe on an affordable budget. These items are from a couple of different purchases over the last few months so it’s not a “spring/summer haul”. I actually love shopping Forever 21 online better than in stores just because I can find a lot more deals and it’s a little less overwhelming! I’ll link the items I find online but if they’re not online anymore they may still be in stores.

🖤H&M Printed Sweatshirts ($9.99; S)

I love these lightweight sweaters from H&M! They’re 100% cotton, lightweight, yet can keep you warm. There’s an assortment of colors and designs in store and I was able to find the dusty pink one here. I loved wearing them to classes!

🖤Forever 21 Black Skinny Jeans & H&M Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans ($9.99, both)
The H&M skinny ankle jeans come in a lighter blue, a darker blue, and black and they’re actually really good quality. They have a nice fit and are very comfortable, with front mock pockets but there are real back pockets. The Forever 21 black jeans are a very thin material and not as stretchy. They also run very big so I had to get a much smaller size.

🖤Forever 21

Satin Bomber Jacket, Olive ($22.90, S.)

This satin woven bomber jacket is 100% polyester and looks great with every outfit. I think jackets like these are a great staple because they can go with many outfits.

Ribbed Mock Neck Top, Charcoal ($5.90, S.)

Ribbed Mock Neck Bodysuit, Dusty Pink ($10.90, S.)

Ribbed Off-The-Shoulder Top, Mauve ($9.90, S.)

This is one top I do not recommend; it could be very comfortable and flattering however the neckline has an elastic band that flaps up awkwardly like it’s doing in the picture.

Classic Ringer Tee, White/Olive ($5.90, S.)

Ruffle Short Sleeve Top, Pistachio ($7.90, M.)

French Terry Knit Pullover, Apricot ($10.90, M.)

Crew Neck Pocket Tee, Light Olive ($7.90, S.)

Hot Mug Patch Graphic Cardigan, Heather Grey ($8.99, M.)

Ribbed Knit Bodysuit, Amber ($12.90, S.)

This is actually a bodysuit with runching at the waist, so it has that slightly tucked out look to it, which is so comfortable and for me and much better than a traditional tight bodysuit!

Scoop Neck Bodysuit, Mauve ($12.90, S.)

This bodysuit also has that extra fabric, tucked out look.

Striped Boxy Shirt, Creme/Black ($14.90, S.)

Off-The-Shoulder Shift Dress, Olive ($12.90, S.)

Racerback Cami Bodysuit, Black ($12.90, S.)

This bodysuit is another runched, tucked out bodysuit made of a nice woven material.

Surplice Wrap Dress, Light Olive ($12.90, S.)

Ribbed Raw-Cut Hooded Crop Top, Burgundy ($12.90, M)

Boxy Lace-Up Sweater, Indigo ($19.90, S.)

Mock Neck Bodysuit, Black ($9.90, S.) 

Cotton Blend V-Neck Tee, Oatmeal ($3.90, L.)(image from

Their plain V-Neck tees are of course a staple, and I got this one in size Large so that I could wear it tied up in a knot.

Braided Faux Leather Belt Set, ($5.90)

I couldn’t find this exact set online but they do have similar sets which are great deals.

Snake Chain Choker, Silver ($2.90)(image from


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