Ipsy April ‘Sideshow’🎪🎟🤹🏽‍♀️

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with school and finals, but finally here is my Ipsy bag for this month! The theme is Sideshow and the bag is a large red/orange ticket that’s actually more sturdy and well made than most bags. However the inside is a little small and while unique, I just overall don’t like the look of this month’s bag.

🎪 Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner Black  ($6.99)

I tried this eyeliner awhile ago when it was in a silver packaging. I loved it because it went on so easily and was long lasting. They have a calligraphy style applicator that’s gentle on the eyelids which is a big problem a lot of other liners have. 
🎪 Hey Honey Besame Mucho Shea Butter & Propolis Lip Balm  ($14, for full size)

 The shea butter and propolis in this lip balm hydrate and have antibacterial properties. While lip balms and glosses aren’t my favorite to receive or use in general, this one was very moisturizing and not very glossy feeling. I’ve been using it lately as I’m applying my makeup as sort of a conditioner for my lips before applying lipstick.

🎪 Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel ($30, for full size size)

This aloe gel has natural regenerative properties and can help balance redness and uneven skin. Along with aloe’s many uses this gel can also be used as a makeup base and actually worked really well that way for me. It also smells amazing and has a lightweight, cooling feeling that dries down pretty quickly.

🎪 Luxie Beauty 660 Precision Foundation Brush ($23)

I am loving my little Luxie Beauty brush collection that is slowly growing thanks to Ipsy. The brushes are really good quality, soft bristles that pick up up a lot of product with really pretty handles. I was excited that they finally sent out a foundation brush! But this one is a lot smaller than I expected-but still good. The brush is more of a fluffy, flat shape and it’s a bit difficult to apply the foundation quickly with this. But it did leave my foundation looking flawless with no streaks.

🎪 TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter ($24, for full size)

Even though this is a very popular highlighter in the beauty world, I’ve actually never used it before! The color is a perfect champagne color with the perfect amount of glow for a natural highlighted look. It’s buildable and has no glitters which is definitely what I prefer, soft, and opaque.