Beauty Blender Pro-On-The-Go Kit

This Beauty Blender Pro-On-The-Go Kit ($40) contains:

Original Beauty Blender (pink): flawlessly apply foundation, powder, bb cream, cc cream, and more.                                                       –Beauty Blender Pro (black): for long wear makeup, facial bronzers, and facial self-tanners.                             –Beauty Blender Micro Mini Pro: for laser sharp focused contouring, highlighting, concealing, and correcting.                                             –Blotterazzi Pro: absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup, leaving skin radiant.                          –Blendercleanser Solid Pro: infused with charcoal to help purify and detoxify beautyblenders and makeup brushes. 

This kit makes a great gift for any makeup lover and is a great way to try out a couple of extra products for the price of two beauty blenders!

Pink beauty blender is dry, Black beauty blender & Micro Mini are wet
Product: According to their website the beauty blender features an open cell structure that fills with small amounts of water when wet, allowing the sponge to be “full” when wet and thus not absorbing product. These sponges are extremely soft and gentle on the skin. Even though the price seems ridiculous for a sponge, it really is as amazing as the hype surrounding it.

Application: When it comes to the two Beauty Blenders, I was amazed with how quickly and beautifully it applies foundation. Compared to a beauty blender dupe I have (which now feels very tough in comparison) it is extremely soft and expands to a pretty big size. With some foundations I get a more natural coverage than with a brush, but with others I’ve gotten the same finish I get with a brush.

The Micro Mini beauty blender is the perfect size for under the eyes and is very gentle in this delicate area, however I feel like I could do the same thing with the tip of the normal beauty blender. You can also use this to precisely apply contour and blush for a natural appearance.

The Blotterazzi pro I attempted several times to use and it just didn’t do much for me. You are supposed to press it gently against the oily area for a couple of seconds and it’s supposed to soak up the oil. However for me it just didn’t work.
Blendercleanser Solid  gently cleans and purifies sponges and makeup brushes. To use you just rub the beauty blender over the soap until clean. It also has a light, clean scent.


3 thoughts on “Beauty Blender Pro-On-The-Go Kit

  1. I always wondered about the mini Beauty Blender… couldn’t I just get the same result using the tip of a normal sized Beauty Blender? And yeah, I’ve not heard a lot of great things about that Blotterazzi thing… seems silly. You could just use blotting paper.

  2. I got this set because I needed a new Beauty Blender after my last one ripped (it was old). I’ve always used the black ones so this is the first original pink one I’ve owned. I like that one too. I use the mini one when I happen to apply certain foundations with a brush. I just like how the Beauty Blenders blend out concealer. I already used up the solid cleanser. It worked but I’ll stick with my baby shampoo method. Much cheaper and works the same.

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