Ipsy September ‘Glamazon’👑 

This month’s theme is Glamazon and the bag is a dark blue and gold, sort of jean-like texture with little cheerleaders on the from spelling out I-p-s-y. I must admit I really don’t like the look of this bag at all and I don’t think the theme matches the bag. But, I did love everything I received inside!

🔸Amie Naturally Kind Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish ($7.99, for full size)

“A deep cleansing treatment containing natural rice granules that work deep down into pores to lift away dirt, oil, and impurities, revealing clearer, smoother skin.” This exfoliator is also made with 93.8% natural ingredients and smells amazing! The granules are very gentle and yet do the job in exfoliating and leaving behind softer, and brighter skin.

🔸Naked Advanced Aloe Cream ($59, for full size)

“Designed for both face & body this is a complete solution in skincare and cellular regeneration…highly organic, and contains aloe vera, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, shea butter…” This moisturizer has a unique texture, its whip-like and creamy, but not too thick. It also has no scent at all and isn’t heavy or greasy feeling. I used this once as a night cream and the next morning some healing breakouts actually looked less prominent. I’ve also used this underneath a type of foundation that only works if you have flawlesss skin-and it looked great!

🔸Trèstique Highlight Stick Maldives Luminescent ($34, for full size)
This is described as a “cream-gel highlighter” and has a very smooth, soft formula that glides on very easily onto the skin and blends easily as well. It’s pigmented and yet gives a very natural glow that can be built up for a brighter highlight. Maldives Luminescent  is the perfect champaigne color and I really love the packaging as well.

🔸Pixi by Petra Matteluster Lipstick Rose Naturelle ($12, for full size)

This lipstick is described as a demi-matte finish, with added peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C & E. It’s a very natural dark rose color and has a comfortable satin-feeling finish.

🔸It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara ($24, for full size)

Formulated with powerful peptides and proteins, strengthening biotin, lash-lifting polymers, and plumping collagen, this elastic stretch volumizing mascara will take your lashes to new heights!”  This is a newer mascara and has a pretty thin wand, which I prefer-but unfortunately I can’t try this mascara out jut yet!


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