Sorbus Acrylic Makeup Organizer |Review

I’m always changing up my makeup storage and rearranging things on my vanity. But one type of storage I’ve always wanted was one of those large acrylic drawers that could hold bigger items-unfortunately they usually run in the hundreds range. That is until my friend showed me this acrylic container she bought on Amazon, I instantly ordered one as well!

Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewlery Storage Case X-large Display Set (9-Set Style 2, $55)

You can find this style and a couple of variations on Amazon by searching “Sorbus Acrylic Makeup Organizer” This one is the 9-style and as you can see in the pictures above, there are 4 removable pieces to the set so you can arrange them as you want. Each drawer is very deep and quite long and I was just overall shocked with how huge this organizer actually is. The drawers slide out easily and there’s an overall high-quality feel to this organizer.

Shipping: I already have Amazon Prime so I had the option of free 2-day shipping but, sometimes random things on Amazon are Prime and have free shipping anyways. The organizer also came packed really well, in 2 boxes and each part of the organizer wrapped in hard plastic and held together with those white shipping holders. So, I was very pleased with how quick and safe this arrived.

▫️One (out of 2) of the bottom deepest drawers:

▫️One (out of 4) of the smaller drawers:▫️One (out of 2) of the widest drawers Here it is compared to an organizer from Bed Bath & BeyondI’m very happy with this organizer it is exactly what I’ve wanted and at the most affordable I’ve seen for its size! I really love the look of an acrylic organizer-makeup is beautiful to look at and a lot of times you pay for packaging so I really like organizing/displaying it this way.


3 thoughts on “Sorbus Acrylic Makeup Organizer |Review

    • This one is great for storing just about anything…aren’t the Muji drawers really slim? So great to find something affordable!

      • Yes the Muji ones are shallow. I like them for my blushes and single eye shadows – that was they’re not all stacked on top of each one and I neglect the ones buried at the bottom!

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