Graftobian Corrector/Neutralizer Wheel| review & swatches 

I purchased this color corrector wheel from months ago but have been using color correction for quite some time now. It is a technique that uses counteracting colors from the color wheel to correct problem areas including discoloration, acne, undereye circles, tattoo cover-ups, etc. I learned how to use color correcting in beauty school and it’s very important to know how to use it correctly.

To not make this post too long, the key things to remember is using a little bit at a time, blending it very well, and not everybody needs it-or at least not every single color at once. Color correcting can be such a helpful tool for special occasions or everyday skin problems if used properly.

Product: The Graftobian Corrector/Neutralizer Wheel             ($20.99; 1 oz/28 gm) comes in two shades ‘Light Corrector Wheel’ and ‘Dark Corrector Wheel’. There are 6 shades in each and come housed in good quality plastic packaging with a screw-off create two of the most essential neautralizing and correcting color wheels! And as the website explains, “These two wheels contain 10% more pigment than Graftobian’s Hi-DefCremes to effectively color correct hyperpigmentation, redness, dark circles and blemishes to create an even, workable canvas on your client.”

Shades described as…

Soft Orange: Neutralizes bluish undertones.

Extra Hi-Lite: Light highlight (satin-y finish)

Yellow Hi-Lite: Conceals deep red and purple

Muted Green: Redness remover

Orange Neutral: Neutralizes blue

Pink Hi-Lite: Brightens grey or brown

Application: All shades have a very creamy, not too thick-not too thin consistency and they wear under concealers/foundation very well. They blend really well into the skin and can be blended together as well. I’ve mainly used the Pink Hi-Lite underneath my eyes and it definitely brightened and counteracted the gray shades I get. The Soft Orange, is also one I used for my undereye circles and this covers up the blue tones without too much of a brightening effect that the Pink Hi-Lite gives. I occasionally get blemishes and just a bit of the Muted Green helps cover them up completely. 

Using Pink Hi-Lite underneath eyes and Muted Green on blemish, as well as It cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer.

✖️This is a great product to have in your collection or makeup kit as you know you are getting high-quality, professional makeup. Whether for everyday use or special occasion this is a color corrector palette that will work.


One thought on “Graftobian Corrector/Neutralizer Wheel| review & swatches 

  1. I had something like this from another brand (Lise Watier) and it was very handy to have all the colours. The formula was also very pigmented so a tiny bit was all I ever needed to cover / correct anything.
    This looks very effective on your under eye area!

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