Crystal Essence Natural Deoderant Roll-On ‘Chamomile & Green Tea’ | Review



  • All natural deodorant (no aluminum chlorohydrates, parabans, phalates, zinc)
  • Affordable 
  • Clear formula-no residue 
  • Anti b/o
  • Long-lasting

Product: This is an all natural roll-on crystal deodorant that contains natural mineral salts. It was very affordable and just a great alternative if you want to use a safer deodorant that can actually protect you all day. There are several scents in this line but this chamomile & green tea is a very soft floral scent. I’ve included some snapshots from their website where there’s a lot more useful information about the benefits of using a natural deodorant!

Application: When you first apply this, it is of course quite wet and takes a couple of minutes to dry especially if you apply a lot. It goes on completely clear and dries that way as well which is a definite plus. No white residue! After awhile the initial floral scent wears off, but you are still protected from body odor. I’ve also worn this all week to the gym, hours after application and I was still protected- it just smelled like nothing at all which I don’t mind. As far as perspiring (since this doesn’t contain antiperspirants), I don’t think I sweated more, however I never smelled bad, so this wasn’t an issue for me. 


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