Wonder Woman Makeup Collection💥💥

  A new collection has hit Walgreens, this time Wonder Woman! Just in time for the new movie coming out, Markwins (makers of Wet n Wild) have released yet another limited edition makeup collection. They have previously released a Disney Princess collection feat. Pocahontas, Mulan, and Ariel you can read my post on here. As well as a Disney Villains collection feat. Ursula, Evil Queen, and Maleficent you can read on here. This Wonder Woman collection is so vibrant, eye-catching, and beautifully detailed with the packaging and display of these items. Once again I’m blown away with the detail they’ve put into these collections.  

💥Wonder Woman Beauty Book ($11.99)  


💥Paradise Eye-Land Eyeshadow Set ($6.99) 

This eyeshadow palette comes with 8 mostly cool-toned shades with 2 almost metallic looking, more vibrant colors. The palette has really great packaging and has some weight to it giving it a more quality feel. It has good pigmentation, and the shadows are very smooth. The sticker comes on the inside but you can easily place it on the front of the palette (I’m terrible at this so it may look crooked).


💥Warrior Woman Lip Gloss Set ($6.99) 
💥An Eye For Justice Liquid Eye Set ($6.99)  

💥Amazonian Bronzer ($6.99) 

💥Wonder Woman Lipstick ‘Heroine’ ($2.99)

This is your classic red lipstick that will compliment any skin tone. Like in the Villains collection lipsticks, Heroine is matte, creamy, lightweight, pigmented, and unscented. This lipstick is really  great quality and the packaging is of course very cute!

💥Wonder Woman Makeup Bags (3 bags, various prices) 

💥Wonder Woman 5-piece Face Set ($10.99)

💥Orly Wonder Woman Nail Polishes & Duos ($6.99/$11.99) 

💥Scuncii Wonder Woman Hair Accessories ($4.99)


This collection is nostalgic, colorful and fun and has some really great products. Can’t wait to see what Walgreens comes out with next! 



5 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Makeup Collection💥💥

  1. I saw this collection at the Walgreens down at the beach last week. Wasn’t sure what to make of it. They had some of the Disney Villains collection too. I want the Ursula nail polishes.

    • I love the lipstick in this collection, I haven’t used the eyeshadows yet to create a look but the packaging is really cute. I think if your a big Wonder Woman fan the packaging alone will draw you in. I want more Disney Villains collections! Lol

    • I know! Well at least it gives people a chance to get something similar at a much lower cost, hopefully they keep coming out with more!

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