Skincare Routine & Collection

I shared my skincare routine awhile ago and while not too much has changed, I’ve since tried a lot of products and have been trying to make the ones I use natural and good for my skin.

✖️Step 1: Cleanser

As a cleanser I use African Black Soap ($12, local farmer’s market): African Black Soap is 100% pure, made from palm oil, palm kernel oil, and water. It has a very natural, almost vanilla scent and boasts many benefits including relieving blemishes, preventing rashes, cleans pores, rejuvenates skin, and clears up eczema, rashes, etc. I think this is as natural as a face wash can get, is inexpensive, and will last you a long time. I purchased mine at a farmers market, but you may also find it at a health store. 

✖️Step 2: Toner

For toner I use Dickinison’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner ($4.47). Using a toner in your skincare regimen is necessary. It removes excess dirt/makeup that the cleanser left behind, is pH balancing, refines and minimizes pores, refreshes and detoxifies the skin. Dickinison’s is all natural and uses the benefits of witch hazel to soothe irritation, refine pores, remove oil, and lock in moisture. Now, this has that slightly weird witch hazel smell-but it’s worth it over the burning/chemical feel and smell I’ve  gotten from other toners in the past. 

 Rose Water is a very beneficial product to use in your routine, it has anti-inflammatory properties (soothes red, irritated skin), refines pores, refreshes skin,-the list goes on of the uses and benefits of rose water. I like to used rose water in the daytime or before applying makeup. I also like to use this toner before applying makeup on other people as it is refreshing and calming.  

 ✖️Step 3: Face Lotion

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($6.50) is the one I’ve been using a lot as my night cream. It’s heavier, hydrating, doesn’t clog up pores, and my skin feels very soft and refreshed the next morning.

For the daytime I use the Pur-Lisse Pur Moist Hydrating Moisturizer ($55, full size), it is thinner and does a great job at lightly hydrating the skin and getting it ready for makeup application. 

Hey Honey Eye Contour Lifting Fluid ($28, full size) I apply this at night and it’s supposed to hydrate, lift, and firm the under eyes. It is almost a gel-like consistency that dries pretty fast. I have some lines under my eyes, but this probably needs to be used longer to see any real results. 

 ✖️Face Scrub (2-3x’s a week) 

The Peter Lamas Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub ($28, full size) is a gentle, gel-like consistency with “pumpkin enzymes combine with Apple and Almond Acids to dissolve cellular debris within the pores while Apricot Grains and Micro-spheres gently polish away dead skin cells”. 

 ✖️Face Mask (1-2x’s a week)

One that I will never stop using is Queen Helene Mud Pack Mask ($3.99) I’ve been using Queen Helene masks for a long time now,there’s a Mint one perfect for acne prone skin, and a couple of others. This one is for all skin types, especially mature skin as its  supposed to tighten loose skin and fine lines-I notice that it brightens  and soothes my face after every use. You also receive a lot of product at an affordable price. 

 One that I like to use before special occasions is the Palmetto Derma Rejuvinating Antioxidant Mask ($65) After using this once I noticed my skin was brighter, radiant, and just made my makeup application look amazing. Since this is a pricey product (I received it in Boxycharm) I decided to save it for when I want my skin/makeup to look extra nice. This mask contains antioxidants that defend against free radicals and reverse the signs of aging. 

In My Collection 

Here is the rest of my skincare products, if you have any beauty subscription service you will definitely get a little collection going. They’re also great for travel. I’ve tried everything here at least once and they all are good quality.


   Masks: Face Lotions:
  Eye Creams:  Misc.:



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