NEW E.L.F Contour Brush | Review

Many brands have come out with contour brushes, usually priced a little more than I’d like to spend on one brush, but I still have been  wanting to try one out. The brushes are usually short, slim, and densely packed for targeted contouring. I found this brand new E.L.F brush at Target and had to test it out right away. 

 E.L.F Contour Brush ($6, Target)

Product/Packaging: This brush has the typical look of an E.L.F Pro Brush-sleek, black, matte handle. This particular brush has some weight to it and has a pretty thick handle. The ultra fine hair is black with a white tip and very soft. 

Application: This brush picked up a good amount of product, and with the shape of it makes it very simple and easy to make your contour very defined and perfect. You can then blend it out for a more natural look. According to E.L.F you can use this brush for powder, liquids, and creams.


✖️(Before & After, It’s a little difficult to capture in pictures but you can still see a defined line)

✖️✖️If you’ve been wanting a contour brush I suggest you pick this one up. It really does make contour cleaner, easier, and creates that defined line if you really want that chiseled look. I really can’t see how a more expensive contour brush would perform any different!   



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