January Favorites

These are several items (beauty, lifestyle, hair) that I have been using a lot lately with mini reviews on why I love them-They are tried and true recommendations!

✖️Wet n Wild Coloricon Contouring Palette ‘Caramel Toffee’ ($3.93)

As you can see from the dent in this palette, I use this to contour alot. The cool tones in this medium brown shade looks very natural as a contour-to me the more warmer/orangey contours look very unnatural. The formula is very soft and buildable. I know Wet n Wild reformulated these palettes and now ‘Caramel Toffee’ looks completely different! I wish I had bought a backup! Read the full review I did on this palette here.

 ⚜ As you can see OLD Caramel Toffee looks more like the NEW Dulce de Leche 

✖️Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nailpolish + Topcoat ($7.99-$9.00)

It is so frustrating when your brand new, polished nails from yesterday get that first chip the next day. Often nail polishes I try chip within a day, get bubbly as they dry, or get scratched easily and look very messy. This nail polish actually lasted me a lot longer than other ones I’ve tried. My nails were perfect for probably a week and half. This nail polish is supposed to be the gel-like formula without needing a lamp and as I’ve gotten gel nails a lot, this formula is thicker and lasts longer than regular polish just like a real gel-nail application.


✖️Sassy + Chic Beauty Sponges ($1)

I’ve written about these sponges before and they are truly a gem at the dollar store. I don’t own a Beauty Blender, but I know they’re very soft and these Sassy + Chic sponges feel pretty close to the original. These apply makeup beautifully and are very gentle on the skin.


✖️H & M T-Shirt Dress ($10)

I’ve been wanting a t-shirt dress for awhile now. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but stylish, and can be easily dressed up or down. But in so many stores I noticed they were ridiculously priced $20+, which I thought was a bit much for such a simple, thin cotton dress. And then I found these! I got so many compliments the first time I wore it and it’s just a staple item to have in your wardrobe. 

✖️Nexcare Firstaid Gentle Paper Medical Tape ($4.49, for two-pack)

A great way to achieve a clean line when doing your eyeshadow or liquid liner is to apply tape at the edge of your eye lined up with the corner of your eyebrow. A great alternative to using regular tape (which is sticky and can pull on the delicate skin around the eyes) is medical tape. This is cloth material and so is gentler (I still dab it a couple of time on my arm before applying), it also comes with more tape and is still very affordable. I’m still not done with 1 roll that I’ve been using for months now. 


✖️Milani Moisture Lock Lip Treatment ’03 Rejuvinating Peach Mango’ ($8.89)

I purchased this not too long ago and I’ve been using it every night since. Using this overnight gives you very soft lips the next day (ready for wearing liquid lipsticks) and prevents cracking and dryness. I really love the easy to use applicator and how there are so many different options in this line for every specific problem you may be experiencing with your lips. Read my full review here! 


✖️Honest Tea Half Tea & Half Lemonade Organic

This tea is amazing! Not only is it organic, it’s 100 calories, contains only 6 ingredients, and is affordable. It’s not too sweet, not too plain and very refreshing. A lot of teas like Arizona have high fructose corn syrup, which I always try to stay away from and so this is a great and great-tasting replacement.  




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