Colourpop Mini Haul|Ultra Matte Lipsticks: Beeper & Kapow

Colourpop seems to be always coming out with new colors, collections, and even soon new creme gel colours and eye pencils. Two more waves of the ultra matte lipsticks have come out since the original release of which I bought 5 and you can read my review on them here.

A couple of months ago 8 new shades came out. I’m not too sure if these are limited edition or not!     L-R: Kapow, Guess, Bedazzled, Dr M, Jellies, Mr Blonde, Beeper, Clueless.

 (Pictures from ig: Colourpopcosmetics)

And then just now came out the limited edition Fall shades. Wrist down: Chilly Chili, Instigator, More Better, Bad Habit, First Class.

 For now I purchased just two new shades from these collections, but was seriously considering Clueless and Chilly Chili. I’m drawn to the nudes and browns! These are $6, matte, and long lasting. 

 Beeper is described as a warm mid-tone taupe. It is a bit darker than I thought it would be, but still very beautiful. The formula of this is the same as the orig. release -dries quickly, “powdery” dry texture, but still comfortable to wear.  

 Here I have it compared to Kat Von D ‘Bow n Arrow’  because from pictures I thought Beeper could be a cheaper dupe. However as you can see Beeper is darker and sort of has more cooler tones to it whereas Bow n Arrow is sort of a warmer nude. 

   Kapow is described as a muted grey taupe. This color looks so different in every person’s pics so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it is surprisingly flattering and perfect for fall. I read in someone’s review that these new ones felt like they have a new formula, and Kapow does feel a bit different. This one took longer to dry and felt a little sticky until it dried into a very comfortable non-powdery texture. It barely felt like I had anything on my lips. 

  (Different lighting) 
🌷I’m quickly getting obsessed with  all these Colourpop lippies! The colors, the price, the staying power…I’m in love. Can’t wait to use these all through Fall.  





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