October Favorites

  ✖️I thought this would maybe be a fun series I can do telling you all some products I’ve been loving lately + mini reviews.❤️❤️❤️

▫️Revlon Colorstay Makeup ($9.99)

I recently did makeup for a couple of wedding guests and needed a lighter foundation to mix with the darker one I already had. This is great for all day wear, and a matte, full coverage finish. It holds contour, blush, and highlight really well also. This is one of the best drugstore foundations that is definitely worth trying. 

▫️First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I received this in a recent Ipsy bag and since then have been using it every night. It is quite a thick formula and so perfect to use as a night cream. It has worked very well for me and is not heavy or greasy feeling at all. 

▫️E.L.F HD Lifting Concealer ($3)

I’ve been using this concealer underneath my eyes every single day! It is thick, creamy, and doesn’t crease on me especially if I set. It is so quick for me to just use this wand applicator to apply and blend. Now the shades are a little off, there is Fair, Light, and Medium. I am a medium/beige skin tone and Light is actually best for me. I have Medium and it is way to dark for even covering blemishes. So just know that the colors run dark. There is also now color corrector shades (green, purple, and yellow) that I really wanna try. 

▫️Jordana Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara (?)

Ever since I wore this and my boyfriend thought I was wearing false lashes, I have been using it a lot more! I’ve had it for awhile now and have been neglecting it since I have so many mascaras open. The brush is very thin with short bristles allowing you to get close into the inner corners. Your lashes will get a little hard to the touch the more you apply, but the fluttery, long, “falsies” look you have after is so worth it! 

▫️Chella Tauntalizing Taupe Brow pencil ($18)

Another Ipsy find! I have been loving this taupe brow pencil we were given. It is a retractable, thin, and hard pencil that just makes filling in my eyebrows very neat and precise. The color will also suit many people.

▫️Essence Long Lasting eye pencil ($2.49, Ulta)

These pencils would probably make it into every favorites post-I use them that much. Not only are they affordable, but they don’t smudge, are creamy, and retractable and the eyeliner stays put all day.

▫️Zulu waterbottle ($10, Target)

So as much as I say I’m gonna make sure I drink my 8 glasses of water a day it never happened. Until I bought this. For some reason, I take this everywhere and religiously kept using it. It is small, can fit in a schoolbag/purse, and has a lid -with a lock, that pops open when you push the button. There were many combos of colors and even a larger size. 

▫️Black pointed toe heels from Love Culture

So I recently received these shoes as a gift and I’ve worn them many times since. They are surprisingly very comfortable and can obviously go with everything. Unfortunately I can’t find them on their website and so not sure if it’s just available in stores.

   So these have been the beauty/lifestyle products I have been using a lot lately. They are tried and true recommendations as well! Thanks for reading!




  1. Love those shoes – super cute!
    That FAB cream is amazing! I have eczema that flares up once and a while and it helps with that so much! Also agree on that elf concealer – I’m pretty fair and the lightest shade is pretty dark for me. But the formula is great!
    Great post! 🙂

  2. I want to try that Jordana Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara so badly but Jordana isn’t sold here in stores – I’d have to order online. I’ve heard nothing but raves about it.
    I agree the Essence liners are SO good – they could charge double what they do for the quality!

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