NEW Disney Villains Fall Makeup Collection🌙

Walgreens has just released another Disney collection, this time it’s the villains of our favorite classic Disney movies. Like the Dare to Dream Disney Princess collection (which I have a post on here) this Villains collection is from Markwins, the company that produces Wet n Wild. While the princess collections are classic and pretty, I think the villains are cool looking and just more fun. 

 🌑The villains featured are Ursula, Maleficent, and The Evil Queen.There is a beauty book for each and then a couple of different makeup items. Judging from the last collection, the quality is really good. I actually like this unamed Markwins Disney collections more than the E.l.f ones. I feel like the packaging of these collections have much more thought put into them and are just so beautiful. Here’s what I purchased & pics of the rest of the collection below!

Maleficent lipstick ‘Dragon’s Lair’. The formula of this lipstick is amazing! It’s rich, creamy, and matte and the color is a beautiful reddish brown shade…I want to buy a backup!  


I also purchased this Ursula Leviathan Shimmering Powder. I initially thought this was a pigment and it actually works quite well that way, all you need is water. It is shimmery with diff. colored glitters and wet is a pearly white. 

I only purchased one beauty book which was the Evil Queen one. It has neutral and purple toned eyeshadows, an eyeliner, brush, pink gloss, and gold shadow stick. I will get into more details on this palette when I do a look with it in an upcoming post!


🌙Rest of collection

🌑 Beauty Books ($9.99 each)  


🌑Lipsticks ($3.49)- all matte, 2 red shades, and a brown shade. 

🌑Ursula Wicked Shadow palette ($5.99) 


🌑 Vixon’s Kiss Lip Color set ($5.99)/ Perfectly Arched Evil Eyebrow kit ($5.99)/ Spellbound Sculpting Contour palette ($5.99)/ Jealous Blush ($3.49)/ Leviathan Shimmering Powder ($3.49) 



🌙 I’m loving the wide assortment of products that this collection has. I love the details in the packaging and the palettes, and that gorgeous display! Thanks for reading!



  1. Oh my goodness! So awesome, I’ll have to pop into Walgreens and see if they have them. Btw Sephora have a limited edition princess mirrors if you’re interested. They sold out a few weeks ago but came back in stock yesterday, I was able to pick a Snow White compact mirror. 😀

  2. Amazing photos! Wow, I wish I could get some of these – too bad I’m in Canada and we have no Walgreens! I love those nail polishes.
    Do you remember the MAC Venonous Villians collection? This reminds me SO much of that!

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