NEW Disney Villains Fall Makeup Collection🌙

Walgreens has just released another Disney collection, this time it’s the villains of our favorite classic Disney movies. Like the Dare to Dream Disney Princess collection (which I have a post on here) this Villains collection is from Markwins, the company that produces Wet n Wild. While the princess collections are classic and pretty, I think the villains are cool looking and just more fun. 

 🌑The villains featured are Ursula, Maleficent, and The Evil Queen.There is a beauty book for each and then a couple of different makeup items. Judging from the last collection, the quality is really good. I actually like this unamed Markwins Disney collections more than the E.l.f ones. I feel like the packaging of these collections have much more thought put into them and are just so beautiful. Here’s what I purchased & pics of the rest of the collection below!

Maleficent lipstick ‘Dragon’s Lair’. The formula of this lipstick is amazing! It’s rich, creamy, and matte and the color is a beautiful reddish brown shade…I want to buy a backup!  


I also purchased this Ursula Leviathan Shimmering Powder. I initially thought this was a pigment and it actually works quite well that way, all you need is water. It is shimmery with diff. colored glitters and wet is a pearly white. 

I only purchased one beauty book which was the Evil Queen one. It has neutral and purple toned eyeshadows, an eyeliner, brush, pink gloss, and gold shadow stick. I will get into more details on this palette when I do a look with it in an upcoming post!


🌙Rest of collection

🌑 Beauty Books ($9.99 each)  


🌑Lipsticks ($3.49)- all matte, 2 red shades, and a brown shade. 

🌑Ursula Wicked Shadow palette ($5.99) 


🌑 Vixon’s Kiss Lip Color set ($5.99)/ Perfectly Arched Evil Eyebrow kit ($5.99)/ Spellbound Sculpting Contour palette ($5.99)/ Jealous Blush ($3.49)/ Leviathan Shimmering Powder ($3.49) 



🌙 I’m loving the wide assortment of products that this collection has. I love the details in the packaging and the palettes, and that gorgeous display! Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “NEW Disney Villains Fall Makeup Collection🌙

  1. Oh my goodness! So awesome, I’ll have to pop into Walgreens and see if they have them. Btw Sephora have a limited edition princess mirrors if you’re interested. They sold out a few weeks ago but came back in stock yesterday, I was able to pick a Snow White compact mirror. 😀

  2. Amazing photos! Wow, I wish I could get some of these – too bad I’m in Canada and we have no Walgreens! I love those nail polishes.
    Do you remember the MAC Venonous Villians collection? This reminds me SO much of that!

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