Quick Eye Looks|Wet n Wild Fall palettes

Wet n Wild’s “Here’s to the Wild Ones!” Fall collection recently came out with four 5-pan eyeshadow palettes full with a mix of light/dark, metallic/shimmery colors. I have a full post on the collection here! I purchased two palettes Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, a mix of greens and browns and Don’t Be A Poser, a mix of dark, colorful, and glittery colors. Here are the two looks I came up with these palettes.


▪️Girls Just Wanna Have Funds  
 1. Lid: light green ‘base’ color 

2. Crease: light brown ‘crease’ color

3. Outer V: brown/green ‘definer’ color

4. Waterline: dark green ‘eyelid’ color

5. Inner corner: cream ‘browbone’ color 

▪️Don’t Be A Poser 

 1. Upper Crease: a matte muted brown (not from palette)

2. Crease: maroon ‘base’ color

3. Lid: blue ‘lid’ color

4. Waterline: purple ‘browbone’ color 

I used NYX Jumbo Pencil ‘Milk’ for an eyebase and used some colors wet for the Don’t be a Poser palette I’m really happy with how the looks came out and as usual I love the quality of Wet n Wild eyeshadows. Also, if your store ran out of this display quickly as they usually do, I seem to always find the Wet n Wild limited collections at Kmart weeks after its gone from Walgreens! I don’t know if that’s the case at every Kmart but it wouldn’t hurt to try!

Thanks for reading!


“Forever is composed of nows”        -Emily Dickinson


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