Back To School:beauty-on-the-go🏃🏻

For most places, fall semester is just right around the corner and while this means exams and early mornings, it also means we soon get to wear cute boots and scarves! I keep things pretty simple when I’m getting ready for school, usually just concealing/correcting and a little eye makeup. It’s usually because I’m running out the door with barely enough time for breakfast! Here is a basic makeup routine for getting ready for school:


I like to use something light to even out my skin tone and conceal any blemishes. This is why BB creams are so perfect; most are a moisturizer, SPF, and a concealer in one! My favorite is the Rimmel 9-in-1 BB cream, it has more coverage than others and saves you from a lot of extra steps. 

 I also always use and undereye concealer for dark circles, it also brightens up your face and will make you look more awake. A great affordable one I like to use is E.L.F HD Lifting concealer it has a doe foot applicator and is thick but very blendable and creamy. 

 I will sometimes  contour my cheekbones quickly just to slim down my face a bit. I always reach for the Wet n Wild Contouring Palette the contour shade is a very natural, cool-toned color and I can also you the matte highlight shade to set my t-zone where I tend to get oily throughout the day. 


I usually only use an eyeliner or mascara on school days. For my eyeliner I like using a brown color, it’s just softer for daytime. My favorite brown liner is Essence Long Lasting eyeliner in ‘Hot Chocolate’. It’s dark brown and smudge proof, (i’ve gone through so many of these). 

 To quickly fill in my sparse eyebrows, tinted brow gel is an awesome thing to have. The Hard Candy Brows Now works really well for me and is very affordable. 

 Now, ain’t nobody got time for a smokey eye, especially if you have a 7am class, but if I do apply eyeshadow, I stick to neutral colors like tans, browns, and golds.  


For lips, it’s a good idea to keep those mini lipsticks you get from subscriptions in your bag, or to use lip balm sticks. I usually wear neutral/pinks, sometimes a fun-ner color if I’m feeling fancy. 

 (Basic makeup bag I take to school) 


These are some beauty shortcuts I usually follow during the week for looking fresh and au natural, besides, college students usually don’t dress up for school anyways! Thanks for reading! What is your routine for getting ready for school?


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