Ipsy August “Prep School”

  Ipsy time! I love opening little makeup bags full of goodies every month! This month’s theme is Prep School and came out just in time for schools starting Fall semester next week. The bag is black, white, and pink houndstooth design and made of a plastic-y material which feels waterproof and is easy to clean. 

Let’s get into the bag!


▪️Marc Anthony Argan Oil of Morocco ($5-8 for full size)

We have recieved a couple of items from this brand, and although I don’t like receiving haircare, Ipsy has made me fall in love with this brand. All there products are very affordable, smell amazing, and actually work in my hair. I have purchased this argan oil before and it tames the hair and makes it smell great!

▫️Doucce Cosmetics Ultra Precision Eyeliner ($22)

This is a black eyeliner that applies very smoothly and is waterproof. Doing a swatch on my hand and letting it dry, I tried rubbing it away and it did fade a little, but did not smear. Which will make this a great liner to use in the waterline. 


▪️Hikari Lipgloss ‘Merlot’ ($13)

We’ve received this brand before and I’ve liked their products so far. This is a ‘high-shine matte lipgloss’ in a unique red/mauve color. I don’t know how something can be high-shine and matte at the same time, but to me, this gloss is very shiny. It’s not sticky at all and actually leaves behind a stain when rubbed away. I really love the sleek packaging as well.


▫️Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro ($26)

There’s not much of a description on this brush, but the hairs feel very soft and are very thin and flat, and so I’m going to be using this when I want to apply my eyeshadows wet. I think it’ll work very well this way and it’s great that we get to try this very pricey brush. 

▪️Trust Fund Beauty nail polish ‘Elegantly Wasted’ ($15)

This nail polish is non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan, and ‘5 free’. Elegantly Wasted is a muted lavender color which is very beautiful and subtle. When I tried it on one nail, it was very opaque and thick. I also love the packaging of the box and the bottle! 

▪️▫️That is it for this month’s bag! I’m really liking this month’s bag and that we got to try out some new brands▪️▫️
“Beauty is whatever gives joy.” -Edna St. Vincent Millay


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