Dare To Dream Disney Princess Collection | Review & Swatches

Walgreens recently released a Dare to Dream makeup collection featuring three Disney Princesses. It’s not specified on the packaging, but from what I’ve read it is made by the company Markwins (same as Wet n Wild). The prices on everything are a little cheaper than E.L.F’s recent Disney collections but the quality of the items I purchased were really nice. 


The princesses featured are Pocahontas , Little Mermaid, and Mulan. Each has a beauty book, and then a couple of different makeup products as well. There is also an Orly nail polish set for each princess. Let me just first say I love all the packaging! They look like watercolors and are very colorful and detailed. 


Each beauty book ($10), has a face chart with two looks, a mirror, and a plastic flap that covers the eyeshadows. The names are also really cute referencing the movies and all colors chosen go well with each one. These eyeshadows were very pigmented, smooth and actually very quality feeling.




(Swatches over no primer, 1-2 swipes)

   ☀️In this collection there was also Luminzer sticks which I purchased, and a bronzer palette. 


☀️This luminzer stick is creamy and pigmented and sort of a champagne-like color. The only downside to this is the packaging, the cap is a little loose and the stick sort of rattles inside.

🐚The Little Mermaid 

         🐚In this collection there were also two eyeshadow quad palettes and a lip set.




 🌸In this collection there was also lipglosses and a glitter eyeliner set. 


Orly nail polish sets: 

If you love any of these princesses or just a sucker for the packaging, you are going to love this collection. It also helps that the quality of the items I purchased were really nice! I wish I could’ve tried out more of these products for this post but I didn’t want to buy a bunch of things I wouldn’t use often. 

Thanks for reading! 



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