Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks| Review & Swatches

 (Picture from ig: @trendmood1)

Colourpop Cosmetics recently released a new line of matte liquid lipsticks and it seems like just about every brand is now coming out with their own version. But fortunately for us, these Ultra Matte Lippies come in 25 beautiful shades and for $6 each!

 Now, I don’t think so much hype about a release has occurred as much as these had. As predicted, with SO many people trying to order at the same time the website kept crashing and they sold out sometime that same night. Fortunately, while I kept trying to reload the page not sure if my order went through, I checked my email and there was the order confirmation! Yay! Now onto the reviewπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


  • 25 shades; $6 each
  • 3.2 g / .11 oz
  • liquid to matte finish
  • not over drying on lips
  • smudge-proof and long lasting 
  • no scent

 What it is: I purchased 5 colors in order as above pic: trap, bumble, tulle, avenue, and zipper.  I really love the packaging, it’s not only pretty but sturdy as well. The doe-foot applicator is the perfect size to apply the color evenly and with precision. Each color was also very pigmented. One layer is best with these and once they dry they are completely transfer-proof!

Application: The texture of these is very thin and watery at first, but dries pretty quickly. It is not overly drying and is actually very comfortable to wear compared to other liquid lipsticks. It has a slight powder feel when it dries but I find it to be very lightweight. You could apply a lip balm underneath or over if you find these too drying however for me these feel fine on their own. Swatches below are with no lip liner, however I think application would be easier if you lined your lips first.

To remove, what worked best for me was applying a lip balm on my lips and then using a makeup remover wipe and cold cream to easily wipe away the product. Make sure to exfoliate your lips at least once a week to have smooth, soft lips for these to go over.

*True to actual color 

  Trap is a greige color with a very slight lavender tint to it.   

  Bumble is a truly unique peach-y rust color that seems to be many peoples’ favorite.  

 Tulle is a red-brown color that is also favored by most.  

  Avenue is a deep red color that is actually deeper than the lip swatch here and is just a very sophisticated red.  

  Zipper is a deep violet color that is again a bit deeper than the lip swatch above. This is the only color that went on a bit streaky.  

πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ I am in love with these Ultra Matte lippies! There are some beautiful colors, they’re lightweight, long-lasting, smudgeproof, and only $6! I find myself now ‘needing’ more! As of now they’re still sold out, however I know once they restock (August) they will quickly sell out again, so get ready! πŸŽ€



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