Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush & Glow Trio ‘Solar Powered’|Review & Swatches


The product: This is from Wet n Wild’s Spring Silver Lake collection. They came out with three blush & glow trios: Sunset Junction (the lightest), Fair Trade Coffee (similar to sunset junction), and Solar Powered (the only one w/o a pearlish color in it). Solar Powered has a coral color with gold flecks, a brown-gold, and a truer gold. All three have shimmer, yet when worn is not very noticeable and looks very beautiful. And this is coming from someone who does not like shimmery face products! This is the perfect summer product for looking bronzed and glowy all summer long!


  • .42 oz./12 g
  • $3.99
  • smooth & very pigmented
  • long lasting
  • gives a sun kissed glow


(All three together)
Application: These are all very smooth and pigmented. I know the two gold colors look very similar in the swatch, but when applied the upper left one is a light gold with little to no shimmer (as you can see in the swatch below). While the bottom color is a bit heavier. These colors would look so great and natural on medium – tan skin tones as it gives the skin a sun kissed glow. On lighter skin it would be a beautiful bronzed blush.

☀️I’m so glad I found this product as I was on the hunt for some summer highlighters! I love that a huge amount is given also. Although it’d be great if at least one of these colors were permanent seeing as highlighters in these shades are harder to find! 



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