E.L.F Cosmetics Blush Palette | Review & Swatches

E.l.f. Cosmetics came out with two new blush palette quads (Light & Dark) from their studio line. I purchased the Dark palette ($6) to see how this differed from their single blushes. It’s a great combination of colors in a sleek palette case.


 The Product

First off, I love how simple and sleek the palette is. It comes in a simple black case with a large mirror, and actually the palette itself is quite large. There is a very good amount of blush as well. From the top left, there is a peachy pink color, a hot pink color, a dark pink/red (the only one with shimmer in it), and a marsala/maroon color. As far as I know, there are no names for the colors. 

 ▪️(Heavy swatches on the left and applied with a blush brush to the right)  

Each blush is very smooth and pigmented. It’s such a difference from my experience with their single blushes. You definitely need a light hand with these and they are quite long-lasting. I wanted this palette solely for that last marsala color! 

 💠So, as you can see these blushes are very pigmented. The quality is really great and all for $6! I might want to eventually get the Light palette, there’s a very interesting peachy tan color in there.  




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