Forever 21 Haul


 I recently decided I had nothing in my closet to wear…(exaggeration, but when do we ever have enough clothes?). So here is a little haul of the things I recently purchased sort of in preparation for summertime here in FL! There is a huge Forever 21 near me, so if you can’t find these things in your local store you can probably find everything online!❤️                  


 ($19.90). I saw this and immediately had to have it. Most rompers have a band around the waist, by this one is loose making it suuper comfy. I did add a loose, thin brown belt when I wore it just to add something to it. *I couldn’t take a good pic showing the actual olive-green color so this is from the F21 website: 





(On sale, $10). I love tops like these! This one is also jean-looking, but is a very soft cloth material. 




 (On sale, $10.00)


(On sale, $10.00)

  (On sale, $3.00)

▫️I also purchased some much needed earrings from Charlotte Russe outlet because I’m always losing my earrings! They also always have 2 for $10 on jewelry! 


👗So that is it for my recent shopping haul, I still need to get some more essentials but I think I’m going to wait a little for new items to arrive! Does this happen to you when you go into the fitting room with 12 items and walk out with only 2 that actually looked good? I hate when that happens! Anyways, thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this fashion haul post!✌🏼



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