Influenster ‘Campus Voxbox’

So what is Influenster you may ask?….It is a review site where the members or “influensters” can review from a vast amount of categories, such as health and beauty, fitness, household items, stores/restaurants, etc. If you are an active influenster, by writing reviews and linking your social media like your Instagram, YouTube, or blog this improves your chances of receiving free vox boxes. They essentially want you to spread the word of these different items, review it, make a video, and influence others to try it. Which is fine by me if the item is awesome.

🌷Campus Voxbox🌷

▫️Jergens Natural Glow Sunless Tanning Mousse ($12.99)

This is a sunless tanning mousse that comes in a pump bottle that is supposed to give a natural sunkissed glow. It is a foam texture and smells really, really good. I already have medium skin tone that tans very easily so I don’t really need a product like this so I may be giving this away. I did do a test patch on my skin where it’s lighter and found that with about 2-3 applications gave a very natural looking tan. 


▫️Softlips Cube ($3.49)

This is a 5-in-1 lip care lip balm that comes in a unique cube-like packaging and claims to give smoother, more hydrated lips. It smells fruity and sort of gives the lips a minty feel. The packaging is cute but sort of bulky if you wanna keep in a small purse. I’ll probably keep this on my vanity and use for lip prep before lipstick. 


▫️St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub ($3.99-$4.79)

I’ve used this scrub many times before and it works well and smells great…the only downside is that it’s a little too rough on the skin. I’ve tried the St. Ives Green Tea scrub as well and that one has much softer, smaller beads in it and is way more gentle. You should really only scrub your face 2-3 times a week and so I will be mixing a little bit of this into my cleanser to make it gentler. You could also this as a foot and hand scrub as well.

▫️Sour Punch Rainbow Straws & Sour  Punch Punchies ($0.89-$1.59)

These are “sour” candies but I don’t find them to be so bad. One is a gummy-like string and them the other are chewable gumball versions. Great to have handy and snack on!

▫️L’oreal Paris Advanced Straight System ($4.99 each)

This is a sample of shampoo, pre conditioner, and conditioner treatment which contains Kera-tourmaline. You get enough for about two uses of each step. So I’ll see how this goes and do an update soon!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for reviewing purposes*

🌷So that’s it for my ‘Campus Voxbox’, I like how all their boxes have different themes with products suited to that theme. I’ve received in the past a couple of other boxes like the ‘Vow Voxbox’ which had products perfect for a bride or a person attending a wedding (review post here), ‘Uni Voxbox’ another college themed box, and a ‘Jolly Voxbox’ which I received around the holidays. 

Past Boxes:


💋Thanks for reading!💋


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