Boho Spring Beauty

  The Spring and Summer seasons are coming upon us and we’re seeing some really great beauty and fashion trends. Some of these include: natural dewy skin, scarlet lips, shades of purple, and natural eyebrows. Here is a spring/summer makeup and hair look inspired by Loverly’s wedding dress collection, that is just focused on easy application and a natural, boho vibe…but can still be worn to that upcoming summer wedding.    ☀️❤️Check out Loverly’s website for amazing wedding inspiration!






  ▫️On my eyes I used a mauve/pink color on the inner and outer corners of the lid, and the lower lash line. A tan in the crease, and on the lid a light pink metallic color. Close up it looks slightly darker and more dramatic but from far you can hardly see the mauve colors making this look wearable for summertime. On my lips I used a blue-toned red and on top a mauve color to sort of tone it down. I went lighter with the contour and heavier with the coral  blush. I also went heavier with the highlight to give a natural glow.

For my hair I like to keep things simple and so went with bouncy, wild curls. I tied my hair up in a pony tail and taking 1inch sections, used a curling wand to quickly curl the entire ponytail. Then let your hair loose and apply hair spray;curl and fix any strays. You can leave the hair as is or add headpieces. (One I’m really wanting; 


☀️So that is it for my very natural spring/summer makeup look I plan to be using a lot! I hope this inspired you, thanks for reading!



Splendies subscription review |🌷April

I wanted to try out a new subscription service (I only have Ipsy for now) so as I was researching I found ALOT out there….there is literally a box for everything now! I also wanted to try something other than beauty and so decided to try this one out🌷
Splendies is an underwear subscription where you get 3 pairs each month for I believe $13. Although the first month is $9.99. You can choose the Surprise variety, All thong option, or No thong option (an extra $2). They also have a higher end version called Luxe and plus size version called Volupties. It comes in a discreet white mailer and wrapped in paper. They also suggest to order one size larger than your normal size as they tend to run small.

Surprise Variety   


 ▫️This first one is a really cute, hot pink, and lacy. It’s from a brand called Pucker Up and is originally $12. 

▫️This next one is a light pink and black polka dot thong. The material is very soft. It is also from Pucker Up and is $9. 

▫️The last one is a fun, chevron print with purple lace. It is from the brand Spree and doesn’t show the orig. price.
🌷I was really looking forward to this bag and it didn’t disappoint! Everything was really cute and it’s just fun to receive something different! From what I saw of what other people have received it looks like there is a variety of styles people get so its not the same for everyone. 

💋Thanks for reading!

Forever 21 Haul


 I recently decided I had nothing in my closet to wear…(exaggeration, but when do we ever have enough clothes?). So here is a little haul of the things I recently purchased sort of in preparation for summertime here in FL! There is a huge Forever 21 near me, so if you can’t find these things in your local store you can probably find everything online!❤️                  


 ($19.90). I saw this and immediately had to have it. Most rompers have a band around the waist, by this one is loose making it suuper comfy. I did add a loose, thin brown belt when I wore it just to add something to it. *I couldn’t take a good pic showing the actual olive-green color so this is from the F21 website: 





(On sale, $10). I love tops like these! This one is also jean-looking, but is a very soft cloth material. 




 (On sale, $10.00)


(On sale, $10.00)

  (On sale, $3.00)

▫️I also purchased some much needed earrings from Charlotte Russe outlet because I’m always losing my earrings! They also always have 2 for $10 on jewelry! 


👗So that is it for my recent shopping haul, I still need to get some more essentials but I think I’m going to wait a little for new items to arrive! Does this happen to you when you go into the fitting room with 12 items and walk out with only 2 that actually looked good? I hate when that happens! Anyways, thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this fashion haul post!✌🏼


Ipsy April “Beautifully Bohemian”


This month’s theme is “Beautifully Bohemian”. One of my favorite styles is the bohemian/hippie style and so I was excited to see that this was gonna be April’s theme. The bag has a wicker basket feel and is bigger than most others. It’ll make a perfect little clutch for spring/summer. Let’s get into the bag:

▫️Pandora’s Makeup Box face blush ‘Pink Carnation’ ($14, 4g./0.14 oz)

This blush pan came in a floral box in a plastic case that you can pop out to place in a palette.  This color is a peachy pink that is smooth and very pigmented. I think this color would suit many skin tones. (Swatches below)


▫️Mullein & Sparrow All Natural Tinted Lip & Cheek Balm ($22, full size?)

The packaging says it is a tinted lip and cheek balm. However, even though it is a dark purple color in the packaging, it gives no color payoff at all. It is basically just a lip balm. I’m also not sure if it is full size or just a sample. It’s  an organic product as well and smells sort of like chocolate. 


▫️ theBalm Nude Dude vol.2 Eyeshadow sample ‘Fit’ 

I’ve never tried any eyeshadows from the theBalm so I was really excited to receive this product. It is a sample shade from their new palette, Nude Dude (vol. 2) It comes in a hard plastic mini case with a magnetic closure. I love all of theBalm’s unique retro packaging! However, the color (a shimmery gold) is the same we’ve seen in almost all eyeshadows ipsy gives. I understand they wanna give out universal colors but I literally have this exact shade repeated so many times solely from ipsy. That being said, it’s is pigmented and smooth. (swatch below)


▫️Julie G Nail Color ‘Damsel’ ($3.99)

I’ve never tried Julie G nail polishes before but I’ve heard great things about them. ‘Damsel’ is a hot pink color. I haven’t tried it yet but will update later to see how long it lasted. I  checked off to not receive nail polishes, so I wasn’t too excited about this product. 


▫️Theorie Argan Oil Hair Serum

This is a hair smoothing and enhancing serum that your supposed to apply to the ends of your hair. I really hate to sound whiney once again, but I also checked off of receiving hair products. I now have many hair care products from ipsy that I do use occasionally, but I’m so much more interested in makeup and skincare. I’ll try to use this often and see what it does to my ends, it smells really good as well.




🌻Overall even though I loved this month’s theme and bag, its contents weren’t my favorite I’ve ever received. Still, it’s always exciting to recieve a surprise of beauty products every month! Let me know what you guys received❤️

💋Thanks for reading!

Influenster ‘Campus Voxbox’

So what is Influenster you may ask?….It is a review site where the members or “influensters” can review from a vast amount of categories, such as health and beauty, fitness, household items, stores/restaurants, etc. If you are an active influenster, by writing reviews and linking your social media like your Instagram, YouTube, or blog this improves your chances of receiving free vox boxes. They essentially want you to spread the word of these different items, review it, make a video, and influence others to try it. Which is fine by me if the item is awesome.

🌷Campus Voxbox🌷

▫️Jergens Natural Glow Sunless Tanning Mousse ($12.99)

This is a sunless tanning mousse that comes in a pump bottle that is supposed to give a natural sunkissed glow. It is a foam texture and smells really, really good. I already have medium skin tone that tans very easily so I don’t really need a product like this so I may be giving this away. I did do a test patch on my skin where it’s lighter and found that with about 2-3 applications gave a very natural looking tan. 


▫️Softlips Cube ($3.49)

This is a 5-in-1 lip care lip balm that comes in a unique cube-like packaging and claims to give smoother, more hydrated lips. It smells fruity and sort of gives the lips a minty feel. The packaging is cute but sort of bulky if you wanna keep in a small purse. I’ll probably keep this on my vanity and use for lip prep before lipstick. 


▫️St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub ($3.99-$4.79)

I’ve used this scrub many times before and it works well and smells great…the only downside is that it’s a little too rough on the skin. I’ve tried the St. Ives Green Tea scrub as well and that one has much softer, smaller beads in it and is way more gentle. You should really only scrub your face 2-3 times a week and so I will be mixing a little bit of this into my cleanser to make it gentler. You could also this as a foot and hand scrub as well.

▫️Sour Punch Rainbow Straws & Sour  Punch Punchies ($0.89-$1.59)

These are “sour” candies but I don’t find them to be so bad. One is a gummy-like string and them the other are chewable gumball versions. Great to have handy and snack on!

▫️L’oreal Paris Advanced Straight System ($4.99 each)

This is a sample of shampoo, pre conditioner, and conditioner treatment which contains Kera-tourmaline. You get enough for about two uses of each step. So I’ll see how this goes and do an update soon!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for reviewing purposes*

🌷So that’s it for my ‘Campus Voxbox’, I like how all their boxes have different themes with products suited to that theme. I’ve received in the past a couple of other boxes like the ‘Vow Voxbox’ which had products perfect for a bride or a person attending a wedding (review post here), ‘Uni Voxbox’ another college themed box, and a ‘Jolly Voxbox’ which I received around the holidays. 

Past Boxes:


💋Thanks for reading!💋

Collective Haul & Review #5|Beauty Steals!

These are some recent purchases that I’m going to review/ swatch for you all! These are items accumulated over a couple of months!IMG_6600.JPG
1. Samshbox On The Rocks Be Legendary Lipstick Trio (Nordstrom Rack, $10)
I went to Nordstrom rack for the first time and was amazed at their beauty section! Not only were there high-end brands and 50% off, everything was extremely neat and stocked! These were from the Smashbox holiday 2014 collection (there was also a brush set and an eyeshadow palette that I didn’t get). I love that all 3 colors are completely different colors, and they’re great to keep in your purse. They’re creamy and very nice as well.

2. Stila ‘The Natural’ Palette (Nordstrom Rack, $11)
So they had two of these palettes, ‘The Natural’ and ‘Dare to Bare’. I remember seeing these awhile back at Sephora and I decided to get only ‘The Natural’ because it had all rosy gold colors (which I really don’t have) and they reminded me of the colors in the Naked 3 palette. There are 6 eyeshadows, 1 all over shimmer, and 1 bronzer. These shadows are all soft and pigmented and I love the small, travel friendly packaging.


3. Sassy + Chic Beauty Blending Sponge (Dollar Tree, $1)
So when I found this I immediately opened the packaging to feel the quality…I know, I know you shouldn’t do that, but I had to! I have a few beauty blender knock-offs I purchased from amazon and they’re pretty good, but these are so much softer! It feels similar to the orig. Beauty Blender which I know is really soft. I bought a couple cause I know I won’t find them again.

4. Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in ‘Teddy Bare’ and ‘Uptown Mauve’
These are the only items not purchased at a discount, but they are around $5, and for the quality and amount you get, they’re worth more. I love Milani lipsticks and I have a pretty early post I did on my collection of them here ‘Teddy Bare’ is a nude-brown color that I think would be perfect if you wanted to do the brown lips trend, but don’t feel comfortable wearing a pure brown color. ‘Uptown Mauve’ is a magenta color and is a great summer lip color.

5. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick ‘Bow & Arrow’ (Marshall’s, $5.99)
During this Marshall’s trip I actually found a lot of high-end products but unfortunately the makeup section was destroyed. After digging through a lot of crap, I found this awesome lippie which fortunately was safe except for a ripped box, so I got a dollar off. This color is a beautiful nude/gray/beige color that reminds me of Limecrime’s ‘Cashmere’. I had no idea a color like this would even look good on me, but now I’m obsessed with it. It isn’t drying on the lips and is very, very hard to take off. I’ve also noticed adding more layers makes the color darker. This is however a discontinued product, also the color is slightly more greige than the pic below.

🌷This haul was full of some awesome deals! And I must say I showed some amazing restraint at Nordstrom Rack… they had some stuff from Lorac and Urban Decay. Let’s just say I’ll be shopping there more often! Thanks for reading!