🌻Makeup Collection & Storage🌻

I love reading and watching videos of peoples’ makeup collections. And since I’m moving soon, I decided to share with you how I’ve been storing my makeup for awhile now. However your set up is, it’s really such a help to have everything organized. Mine has drastically changed over the past few years and I can’t say I wasn’t influenced by all the pics/videos I’ve seen on Ig/YouTube.✨IMG_5253.JPGIMG_5498.JPGThe desk: (Ikea Micke ($69))
It’s originally a two-person office desk but makes and great vanity because of the long table top and big drawers. I like to keep the top pretty simple and free of clutter!IMG_5466.PNG
The lights: (Ikea Musik ($15)) These are great beauty lights, they are bright and don’t get hot at all.IMG_5468.PNG
The chair: (Ikea Snille ($19.99))
I know it’s been ikea this, ikea that… But, I actually got this chair when my bf found it randomly when someone was throwing it out…in mint condition!We had no idea it was from Ikea, but it worked out great for me.IMG_5467.PNG
Acrylic drawers: (Bed Bath & Beyond)
These are two, three drawer stackables with a separate top piece. The other long acrylic holder is from Walmart. I really like these because I like that you can see the products and I think makeup is so pretty especially displayed out.IMG_5210.JPG
Here is what’s inside the acrylic drawers!

Drawers 1&2IMG_5216.JPG
Drawers 3&4

Drawers 5&6

🌻The drawers in the desk come out pretty far and are very wide and so can hold a lot. I lined the drawers with a black shelf mat, and made my own dividers just using white cardboard. This is a great way to divide compartments and can be changed whenever.

Left Drawer:


Right Drawer:




🌻So that is it for my set up! I have lashes and extra things seperate, and also my freelance kit which I try to keep separate and not use palettes or products from there. If you want more in depth on anything let me know! Thanks for sticking through this long post! 💋Michelle

(*I also have this framed poster near my vanity of my beauty icon Marilyn Monroe! It’s just the perfect pic for the vanity area!)



4 thoughts on “🌻Makeup Collection & Storage🌻

    • That’s awesome that you have the space for a beauty room! It does take awhile to go through everything and to get organized lol I always end up rearranging things anyways!

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