Wet n Wild Silver Lake Limited Edition |’Vinyl Collection’ & ‘Vegan Culture’

IMG_5429.JPGThis is a review of two of the Spring palettes from Wet n Wild. I am always super excited when they come out with their limited edition collections. I wanted to get all of them to review but seeing them in person, I only liked three out of the five.‘Thrift Store Chic’ has a variation of pinks; ‘Embrace Obscurity’ has lights blues/purples; ‘California Roll’ (there were no more of these :/) has light oranges and green; ‘Vinyl Collection’ has browns; ‘Vegan Culture’ has grays/blues. Most of the colors in these 6-pans are also shimmery, and I prefer metallics/mattes.IMG_5332.JPG
Vinyl CollectionIMG_5389.JPGL. Row
-tan matte -gold metallic -green metallic w/gold shift

R. Row
-light pink shimmer -nude shimmer -dark brown sparkle

IMG_5400.JPG I really love the combination of colors in this palette. They look like they would compliment each other beautifully and this is probably one of the poplar ones everyone is gonna wanna get there hands on!

Vegan Culture

IMG_5390.JPGL. Row
-white shimmer -mint green shimmer -green shimmer
R. Row
-gray shimmer -sky blue -teal shimmer

This is such an interesting combination of colors that I really wanted to try out and experiment with!

🌻🌺🌷🌸 There are some fun spring colors in this collection. Each shadow was also buttery and smooth, as is usual for wnw eyeshadows. Hopefully I can come up with some great looks soon to show you all! Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Silver Lake Limited Edition |’Vinyl Collection’ & ‘Vegan Culture’

  1. These all look so pretty! The Vinyl collection looks especially beautiful. I love season changes because there are so many new products that come out!

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