Hard Candy Haul|New Products

IMG_6212.JPGHard Candy just came out with a bunch of new products (there’s concealer, translucent powder, a setting spray, different eye primers, etc.) but I picked up 3 products to do a little mini review, so here we go!

☀️Glamoflauge Invisible Camouflage Foundation(1.1 oz, $7)
I was really excited to try this out especially since I love their Glamoflauge Concealer which is an amazing heavy duty concealer. I thought this foundation would be thick and similar to the concealer, but it’s quite the opposite. Some of the claims on the back of the battle call it ‘A transforming liquid to powder foundation that absorbs oil…’, ‘Skin retains natural moisture for 12 hrs of flawless perfection and transfer resistance.’

IMG_6204.JPGThe Product: This foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump and there are 8 shades in the line. I think they run a little dark, but as you can see in the pic of the display (below), there isn’t a wide range of colors…the darkest shade is ‘Tan’.

Application: This is a lightweight, light-medium coverage that is pretty buildable. When applying to the face the actual liquid is very thin feeling. I find you also get fuller coverage with this when using a brush rather than a sponge. It has no smell and dries quickly, and unlike other foundations the more layers you apply doesn’t leave a cakey/powdery look. It doesn’t alone cover all your imperfections, so if you need a lot of coverage, this may not be the foundation for you. I see this being a great everyday foundation for me to use because it gives decent coverage, doesn’t transfer, and all with feeling like you have nothing on your face at all!


☀️Brows Now! Browfiber Gel + Highlighter (light/medium)
This is a cool new product in their line as not many brands have tinted brow gels. This one has the added bonus of brow fibers and a highlighter on the other end. There are only 2 shades in the line, I chose the lighter one because I don’t like my eyebrows too dark or full.


IMG_6193.JPGThe Product: The color is a light brown color…but it’s actually pretty dark, so if you have blond eyebrows, this may be too dark. The wand has tiny fibers in it meant to full in empty spaces in your brows. The highlighter end is a twist up that’s pretty decent but a little too shimmery for me.

Application: It doesn’t take much to build up color and shape. It dries pretty fast and then doesn’t budge. I noticed if you wipe at it (before it dries) it will come off onto your fingers, but won’t smear on your face. I couldn’t get a decent picture (and camera pics always wash out my eyebrows!) but if you wanted to get a more precise application you could use an eyebrow pencil along with it. As for me, this alone will be perfect for everyday, quick application.


☀️Natural Eyes Neutral Eyeshadow Palette ($8)
Hard Candy has come out with 3 new palettes in this tin case packaging with magnetic closing: Smokey Eyes, Sassy Eyes, and Natural Eyes. They’re also supposed to be dupes for the Too Faced palettes that come in almost the same format. The palette comes with 9 shadows, a mirror, mini eyeshadow primer, a mini black eyeliner, and a booklet guide, all for $8 which is awesome even just to try out.




IMG_6191.JPGApplication: The swatches above are without primer and almost all shades are very soft and pigmented. The only color I don’t like much is ‘Frisky’ it is shimmery and hard to build up opaqueness. On the eyes, they were all very easy to blend and the eyeliner was creamy and very nice.

(This is the primer that comes in the palette under a random Wet n Wild shade. For some reason it made the color slightly darker but I’m really liking how it works…when I swiped them all off, the swatch with the Lorac primer was the one that stayed behind.)

☀️So that is it for my mini Hard Candy haul! I really liked everything I purchased and they still have many more new products out! Thanks for reading!


Ipsy March ‘Floral Fantasy’ 🌸🌻🌹🌷🌼

I know I’m bringing this post to you a little late…but here it is! So, I love this month’s bag. Not only because of the florals in the front, but the background is my favorite color! Definitely one that’ll be used more often.

IMG_6127-0.JPGHere’s what’s inside:

🌷1.Pur-Lisse Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser and Makeup Remover 1.0 oz. ($36, for full size, 5.6 oz.)
No stranger to Ipsy, Pur-Lisse has been featured quite often but, I’m always pleased with the products we get. This cleanser which contains soy milk, soy proteins, whole oat, and white tea, claims to smooth and tone skin as well as wash away dirt and makeup. What I first noticed when using this was that it had a thick, creamy texture. It almost felt like I was washing my face with a moisturizer. Right after my face felt smooth and moisturized but also clean.

🌻2. Crown Brush C224 Oval Concealer ($2.98)
I wasn’t really too excited about receiving this brush since I don’t really like flat brushes for applying concealer. But, I’ll probably use this as a lip or highlighter brush. The bristles are synthetic and feel like good quality.

🌸3.NYX Butter Lipstick BLS17 ‘Pops’ ($6.00)
This is my first Butter Lipstick, and I really like the pigmentation and formula! The color is actually so close to my lip color, it looked like nothing was going on at first. It is a pink/mauve color that I feel like is just slightly darker in person than the swatches below. But it’s still a very natural lip shade. I can see myself using this a lot this spring and summer!

🌼4.Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo ‘Apricot Glow’
The few things I’ve tried from Pixi I’ve liked, and I really love their packaging. This cute duo was probably made for Ipsy as on the website the Mesmerizing Mineral shadows come in 6-pan palettes ($12). This duo has a light peach-y pink color and a gold apricot color, both on the more metallic side than shimmer. Their also pigmented and buttery smooth.

🌹5.Gilchrist & Soames Body Lotion 2.5oz ($16, for full size, 8oz.)
I’m really loving the simple yet pretty packaging of this lotion. We are also given a good amount of product. Applied to the skin, it instantly absorbed and left the skin really soft. It has a very clean smell, but also sort of smells like men’s cologne…which I don’t really mind because it still smells really good. It also contains botanicals and is paraben and phthalate free.


🌻Thanks for reading!

Natural Everyday Makeup | Tutorial

IMG_5865.JPGHere is a quick and easy tutorial on natural makeup you can do everyday, of course you probably wouldn’t do false eyelashes or heavy contour everyday, I know I don’t, but it is a way to fancy up this natural look also. I keep my daily makeup routine pretty simple: I usually use only concealer or stick foundation, brow powder, mascara/eyeliner, and that’s about it…at least when I wanna keep it low-key. When it comes to natural looking eye looks you can’t go wrong with light browns and golds, and then.. blending, blending, blending!

Eyes & Lips:


IMG_5917.JPGGet the Look:
1. After applying Nyx Jumbo pencil ‘Milk’ as a base, I applied the medium tan color from the Physician’s Formula Baked eyeshadow palette ‘Sand Dunes’ (discontinued) in the crease and blended.
2. Apply the cream color on the lid. Then I applied Wet n Wild sing. eyeshadow ‘Nutty’ in the inner corner and blended into lid.
3. Apply darkest brown color to outer v; brown eyeliner.
4. Finished look with lashes (E.l.f Natural lashes or mascara.*The lipstick is Bite Beauty ‘Date’

IMG_5922.JPG💜So that is it for my Au natural makeup look! I’m so not used to putting up full faced pics!🙈Hope this will be useful to you all and thanks for reading!

🌻Makeup Collection & Storage🌻

I love reading and watching videos of peoples’ makeup collections. And since I’m moving soon, I decided to share with you how I’ve been storing my makeup for awhile now. However your set up is, it’s really such a help to have everything organized. Mine has drastically changed over the past few years and I can’t say I wasn’t influenced by all the pics/videos I’ve seen on Ig/YouTube.✨IMG_5253.JPGIMG_5498.JPGThe desk: (Ikea Micke ($69))
It’s originally a two-person office desk but makes and great vanity because of the long table top and big drawers. I like to keep the top pretty simple and free of clutter!IMG_5466.PNG
The lights: (Ikea Musik ($15)) These are great beauty lights, they are bright and don’t get hot at all.IMG_5468.PNG
The chair: (Ikea Snille ($19.99))
I know it’s been ikea this, ikea that… But, I actually got this chair when my bf found it randomly when someone was throwing it out…in mint condition!We had no idea it was from Ikea, but it worked out great for me.IMG_5467.PNG
Acrylic drawers: (Bed Bath & Beyond)
These are two, three drawer stackables with a separate top piece. The other long acrylic holder is from Walmart. I really like these because I like that you can see the products and I think makeup is so pretty especially displayed out.IMG_5210.JPG
Here is what’s inside the acrylic drawers!

Drawers 1&2IMG_5216.JPG
Drawers 3&4

Drawers 5&6

🌻The drawers in the desk come out pretty far and are very wide and so can hold a lot. I lined the drawers with a black shelf mat, and made my own dividers just using white cardboard. This is a great way to divide compartments and can be changed whenever.

Left Drawer:


Right Drawer:




🌻So that is it for my set up! I have lashes and extra things seperate, and also my freelance kit which I try to keep separate and not use palettes or products from there. If you want more in depth on anything let me know! Thanks for sticking through this long post! 💋Michelle

(*I also have this framed poster near my vanity of my beauty icon Marilyn Monroe! It’s just the perfect pic for the vanity area!)


Wet n Wild Silver Lake Limited Edition |’Vinyl Collection’ & ‘Vegan Culture’

IMG_5429.JPGThis is a review of two of the Spring palettes from Wet n Wild. I am always super excited when they come out with their limited edition collections. I wanted to get all of them to review but seeing them in person, I only liked three out of the five.‘Thrift Store Chic’ has a variation of pinks; ‘Embrace Obscurity’ has lights blues/purples; ‘California Roll’ (there were no more of these :/) has light oranges and green; ‘Vinyl Collection’ has browns; ‘Vegan Culture’ has grays/blues. Most of the colors in these 6-pans are also shimmery, and I prefer metallics/mattes.IMG_5332.JPG
Vinyl CollectionIMG_5389.JPGL. Row
-tan matte -gold metallic -green metallic w/gold shift

R. Row
-light pink shimmer -nude shimmer -dark brown sparkle

IMG_5400.JPG I really love the combination of colors in this palette. They look like they would compliment each other beautifully and this is probably one of the poplar ones everyone is gonna wanna get there hands on!

Vegan Culture

IMG_5390.JPGL. Row
-white shimmer -mint green shimmer -green shimmer
R. Row
-gray shimmer -sky blue -teal shimmer

This is such an interesting combination of colors that I really wanted to try out and experiment with!

🌻🌺🌷🌸 There are some fun spring colors in this collection. Each shadow was also buttery and smooth, as is usual for wnw eyeshadows. Hopefully I can come up with some great looks soon to show you all! Thanks for reading!