Rimmel Provocalips (+New Drugstore Lippies)

So this is a post I meant to come out awhile ago, so hopefully these are still things that are new to you! I recently visited Kmart and saw a bunch of new displays from different brands. I guess Kmart gets new things before Walgreens or CVS because I hadn’t seen any of these there. I bought three lippies to test out!

▫️Rimmel Provocalips 16hr Kiss Proof Lip Colour in ‘Make your move’ (a nude/peach color) and ‘Kiss fatal’ (a unique plum color).
So this display attracted me because it supposed to be a liquid lipstick and last 16 hours. They apply as a pigmented gloss at first and then dry matte and sort of sticky. The other side of the tube is the ‘shine & seal’ and is basically just a gloss that also takes away some of the stickiness. But, if you don’t like the glossy look, I applied a little bit of lip balm and that helps also!

How it Wore: So I wanted to test out the 16-hr claim, and I must say it does last a loooong time. It’s actually extremely hard to remove. I applied ‘Make Your Move’ with a lip balm over it around 9 a.m. It then endured a meal, drinking, a shower (it was in perfect condition after all that) then a full day of errands. At around 3 p.m. the lipstick started cracking and breaking up a little just in the inner parts. When it hit the 12 hr mark I decided to remove it as it had definitely convinced me that it has amazing lasting power.

What next caught my attention were the Jordana Modern Matte lipsticks. Most of the colors were gone unfortunately but I did get the color ‘Matte Dare’. It is a purple wine color that is matte, but not drying. When I ate, it did come off slightly leaving my lip liner showing.

Here are some pics of all the new displays I saw:





So as you can see there are a lot of new products at the drugstore. Hope to see some more reviews on these, thanks for reading!


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