Marsala Inspired

Pantone Universe declared the Color of the Year to be….Marsala (“a natural, robust and earthy wine red”). It is also supposed to be universally flattering on any skin tone. I’m actually really liking this color which can easily be worn as a nail polish, lipstick, eyes, and even be incorporated in your fashion and decor.

IMG_4084.JPG(pics from:,,,

Here’s my interpretation of Marsala in a makeup look.

▫️For this look I tried to get as close to marsala as I could with what I had. Seeing all the great looks that people have done with Limecrime’s Venus palette has made me want one too!
On my eyes I used a rusty red color from Sleek makeup Ultra Mattes V2 palette which came pretty close to the color, and on my lips Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick in ‘In the Flesh’. I was really happy with the results as I think it is super flattering for my brown eyes and hair, but I think it would also look really well on everyone because it is such a universally flattering color.
Full face:

I hope this inspired you to get creative with Marsala! Thanks for reading!


🌼Collective Haul & Review|#4

These are some recent purchases that I’m going to review/ swatch for you all! These are items accumulated over a couple of months!


▫️1.Avalon Organics refreshing cleansing gel
I needed a new cleanser and wanted something natural. I found this one which contains vitamin c, antioxidants, photo aging defense, and is 70% organic. This had a gel consistency (very good for oily skin), and a little goes a long way. It comes with a very convenient pump and smells like oranges!

▫️2.MAC lipstick ‘Photo’
Believe it or not this is my first Mac lipstick! It is a satin finish but is quite matte looking. It’s also very creamy and applies very smoothly. I also like the smell which sort of vanilla-y. ‘Photo’ is the perfect brown lipstick if your on the hunt for one.

▫️3.Maybelline matte lipstick ‘Touch of Spice’
This is a part of the new collection of mattes that recently came out. ‘Touch of Spice’ is actually a really talked about shade and I can see why. It’s a beautiful color that the camera just doesn’t do justice. And while it is matte, it goes on very creamy and is comfortable to wear.

▫️4.Colourpop Cosmetics Super Shock Eyeshadow ‘Tinsel’ & ‘Partridge’
These two were a gift, and judging by the name were part of a holiday collection. I’ve heard a lot about Colourpop eyeshadows and the unique formula. Their very soft and almost feel like a loose pigment. ‘Tinsel’ is a champagne color with a sort of purple shift in the glitter. ‘Partridge’ looks green in the pot but goes on more gold/brown, with a green shift to it.

▫️5.Ulta Color Correcting Foundation & Primer Stick ‘Rich Mocha’
I was on a search for a contour stick to make contouring easier, and decided to try this foundation stick in the darkest shade they had. This is a twist up tube that has a green color correcting center. As a contour it works amazing and is very creamy and blendable. It’s also long lasting and probably makes a good foundation as well.

▫️6.Maybelline master smokey ‘Smoldering Violet’ & ‘Blue Blaze’
These were actually dollar tree finds and are basically thick eyeliners on one end and a pointed sponge on the other to blend and smudge the line. After swatching these on my arm and rubbing vigorously they did start to fade a bit, but overall seem like great liners.

▫️7.Milani Shadow Eyez ‘Sand Dunes’ & ‘Royal Purple’
Another dollar tree find, these are eyeshadow sticks that claim 12-hr wear. During the same vigorous rub test as above, these didn’t move/smudge at all. After awhile the glitter in ‘Sand Dunes’ started to spread out, but nothing too bad. It also makes a great liner for the waterline. As for ‘Royal Purple’, I find that for many purple eyeshadows it’s very hard to get them pigmented, so using this as a base would be a great help.



💋thanks for reading!

Rimmel Provocalips (+New Drugstore Lippies)

So this is a post I meant to come out awhile ago, so hopefully these are still things that are new to you! I recently visited Kmart and saw a bunch of new displays from different brands. I guess Kmart gets new things before Walgreens or CVS because I hadn’t seen any of these there. I bought three lippies to test out!

▫️Rimmel Provocalips 16hr Kiss Proof Lip Colour in ‘Make your move’ (a nude/peach color) and ‘Kiss fatal’ (a unique plum color).
So this display attracted me because it supposed to be a liquid lipstick and last 16 hours. They apply as a pigmented gloss at first and then dry matte and sort of sticky. The other side of the tube is the ‘shine & seal’ and is basically just a gloss that also takes away some of the stickiness. But, if you don’t like the glossy look, I applied a little bit of lip balm and that helps also!

How it Wore: So I wanted to test out the 16-hr claim, and I must say it does last a loooong time. It’s actually extremely hard to remove. I applied ‘Make Your Move’ with a lip balm over it around 9 a.m. It then endured a meal, drinking, a shower (it was in perfect condition after all that) then a full day of errands. At around 3 p.m. the lipstick started cracking and breaking up a little just in the inner parts. When it hit the 12 hr mark I decided to remove it as it had definitely convinced me that it has amazing lasting power.

What next caught my attention were the Jordana Modern Matte lipsticks. Most of the colors were gone unfortunately but I did get the color ‘Matte Dare’. It is a purple wine color that is matte, but not drying. When I ate, it did come off slightly leaving my lip liner showing.

Here are some pics of all the new displays I saw:





So as you can see there are a lot of new products at the drugstore. Hope to see some more reviews on these, thanks for reading!

Flower Beauty Skincognito Stick Foundation|Review

Flower Beauty is a makeup brand by Drew Barrymore sold exclusively at Walmart. It is supposed to be a high end brand at drugstore prices and carries everything from foundation, blush, eyeshadow quads, etc. I also really love the white and rose gold packaging of their products!


I picked up this stick foundation ($8.98) in shade SF5 (there’s 8 shades in the line) and it is described as a “translucent second skin coverage that allows skin’s natural tone to show through.”

Application: It is creamy and I find it is best to blend with a cosmetic sponge. It isn’t the fullest coverage, I’d say sheer-medium, but it is buildable. You would need to use a concealer for any dark spots or acne.

IMG_3356.JPG Wear:I found that after a couple of hours of wear I got oily in my t-zone, but that was with no powder, so I recommend using a mattifying powder for lasting power. In total I’d say you will get around 8 hrs of wear with this. It is also lightweight and doesn’t feel like your wearing anything at all.

🌷🌻🌹 I actually really like this foundation and will continue to purchase it! It’s just very easy to use and carry around and is perfect for when you want a break from wearing heavy foundations everyday.