Ipsy December “Thinking Of You”

IMG_2685.JPGThis month’s Ipsy bag is quite different from the norm. It’s smaller, the material has a soft fabric-y feel, and the inside and zipper is a sort of plum/maroon color. Let’s get into the bag:

▫️BWC beauty without cruelty Facial Cleanser ($10.99 for full size, drugstore.com)
I love receiving facial cleansers, especially when it’s a deluxe sample! It is described as (Nature’s own alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (AHAs) gently and deeply clean and actively clarify your skin without disturbing its natural balance. Pure, aroma-therapeutic essential oils tone, condition, and calm – leaving your skin clean, clear and refreshed. Paraben free. Soap free. No animal ingredients. 100% vegetarian. No synthetic or engineered fragrances. No animal testing.). Sounds good to me! I’ll update on this post to let you know how this worked for me.
So I’ve used this cleanser a couple of times now, it definitely cleans the skin very well, without drying. But I didn’t notice that because of the AHA’s in it it warns you against sun exposure which is the only downside to me.
▫️Style Sexy Hair 450 Blow out hairspray($18.95 for full size)
Once again, I don’t like receiving hair care products…and I’ve received many hairsprays already. But nonetheless, it is a very nice deluxe sample, so can’t complain much!
▫️Cailyn just mineral eye polish ‘#5 Orchid’ ($15)
This is a full sized eyeshadow that’s more than the entire bag itself! It’s a shimmery bronze color and is described on the website as a 100% raw mineral powder, safe for long wear. Their is a wide range of colors on the website, and it comes with a built in applicator.
▫️NYX butter lip balm ‘Marshmallow’($4)
This is a hydrating sheer lip balm, in a nude color. It smells really fruity, and we received a full size. I really like all NYX products so can’t go wrong with this one.
▫️Tarte lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara($20 for full size)
I’m slowly collecting a large collection of mini mascaras from ipsy! But it’s actually easier for me to apply mascara with a smaller wand. I know this mascara is raved about in the beauty community so I’m excited to see how this works for me!
So this mascara was not what I expected…it lengthened a bit, and didn’t clump, but I’ve used drugstore mascaras that have given the look of falsies, and this one just didn’t do that. It’s more of a ‘natural lashes’ look. One thing I’ve noticed is as the mascara has dried a bit it actually worked a little better for me. I do like that it doesn’t clump your lashes together and so gives you the look of having a lot of fluttery lashes.
▫️Pixi fairy dust ‘Brightening Bare’($10)
I didn’t receive this in my bag, but my mom did so I thought I might as well review it as well. It also has a built in applicator and the color is more of a rosy nude matte finish. I actually prefer this color to the other.




❄️So that was my December bag! I really liked the actual bag this month and most of it’s contents. How was your bag this month? Looking forward to a new year with Ipsy!



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