Princess (Hero) vs. Villain– Hercules/ Meg vs. Hades

This is a fun series on wearable makeup inspired by the princesses/ heroes and villains of our favorite animated movies! The villains usually have heavier, more dramatic makeup on, while the princesses have more neutral looks. So, I drew ideas from their outfits, jewelry, and background. Enjoy!✨


IMG_2596.JPGThis isn’t a very complicated look but I think it still compliments brown eyes really well!
Lid– orange
Crease– a darker orange-brown color
Outer Lid– brown
Liner–navy blue

To keep with Hercules’s basic colors I went for brown lips.
–MAC lipstick ‘Photo’

IMG_2610-0.JPG<br IMG_2592.JPG

IMG_2594.JPGOur heroine of the movie who also happens to be wearing awesome purple eyeshadow! Again, great for brown eyes.

Lid– purple
Outer Crease– dark plum purple
Crease and Inner Corner– metallic lavender
Liner– brown
Waterline– dark plum purple

It seem like she’s wearing a wine/plum color and so I used
–Milani Color Statement ‘Sangria’



IMG_2598.JPGHades is actually one of my favorite villains (actually I think the only). He’s very funny and quite a character so I was excited to adapt a look.
Center lid– light powder blue
Inner corner/ lid– midtone blue
Outer corner/ lid– midtone blue
Crease– light metallic blue
Liner– navy blue
Waterline– black eyeliner, then light blue underneath, then navy blue underneath
— Black eyeliner as lipstick, and black eyeshadow in top; Navy blue eyeliner in lip line and blended

💋Thanks for reading! Michelle


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