How To: Fuller Looking Lips

Lipstick can make us feel glamorous and completes every makeup look. This is how to achieve bigger looking lips without the use of injections or lip plumpers (which sometimes stings and hurts the lips!)

Products Used

This step is optional especially if your running out of time in the morning. Wet your lips and using E.L.F Exfoliating Lip Scrub apply in circular motions on the lips. This is a grainy lip scrub in lipstick form and moisturizes while scrubbing away dead skin. Then with a damp napkin wipe away excess. Next, apply a lip balm.

And here is the #1 tool in making it look like you’ve had lip injections! I used Palladio lip liner “Vermouth” I start off lining in my natural lip line. Next, carefully thicken that line to where it is widening just outside your lip line. It needs to be slightly on the skin evenly all the way around your lips to look natural. Now you can go thicker or thinner depending on what looks natural for your face.

And now you just fill in your lips with the lipstick, I used Wet N Wild Megalast “Spiked With Rum”. Afterwards if you want your lips a little bigger you can go back with the lip liner and widen the line.



I went more natural this time, but you can definitely make them appear even bigger! Just remember to take time with the lip liner and you too can achieve the ‘kylie jenner’ lips!



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