NYE Makeup: Silver & Black 🎇

I can’t believe this year is almost over. This New Years Eve I’m going to go with a classic silver + black smokey eye. It’s very versatile with any lip color or outfit! It’s also the perfect time to go crazy with the glitter, sparkle, and lashes!


1. Line half of lid with black eyeliner and wing out. Then blend into lid. (I used Lord & Berry ‘black silk’)
2. Apply black eyeshadow to same area, keeping winged shape. (Wet n Wild sing. eyeshadow ‘panther’)
3. Using a gray sparkly eyeliner as a base, apply to rest of lid. (Pacifica liner ’04f4′)
4. Apply silver eyeshadow on top of gray liner. (Sally Girl sing. baked eyeshadow ‘silver frost’)
5. Apply more black and blend together. Apply black blended in waterline.

Face Products

IMG_3248.JPG ⭐️With such a heavy eye you really need a flawless canvas to go with it! The Lorac foundation is lightweight, yet very good coverage. I also wanted to choose a low key blush so that it wouldn’t be competing with the eyes or lips and so I used the NYC Creme stick in ‘South st. Seashell’ which is sort of a rusty peach color.


IMG_3264.JPG⭐️The two lip colors I tried were Milani’s ‘Nude Creme’, and Mac’s ‘Diva’. They both look really well with this look, but it depends wether your comfortable wearing both bold eyes and lips or wearing one at a time. For something a little extra special, I used blue eyeshadow to apply dots in the inner corners of the eyes, if your feeling extra creative give this a try!

I hope this gave you some ideas on your New Years Eve makeup! It’s my first time trying a step-by- step tutorial so bear with me, but hopefully it was helpful! I hope you all have a safe and fun New Years Eve, thanks for reading!

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘It will be happier.’ -Alfred Lord Tennyson


Gift Review: Ulta 70-pc Makeup Kit


IMG_2919.JPGI hope you all had a Merry Christmas! And yay I got something I could review! This is I believe the Sparkle & Shine kit and every year Ulta sells these kits featuring a variation of they’re line of makeup. They come in cute sturdy cases and are great Christmas gift ideas. I haven’t tried much of the Ulta brand makeup, but my sister received one of these kits last year and I was very impressed by the quality of the eyeshadows! So here’s my mini review of the different products in here.

So this kit comes in a very cute garnet, faux-alligator print case that is actually very compact. The plastic covers show the names of everything if you want to find a shade in their full size.

▫️1st Layer
This layer contains eyeshadows, blushes, face powder, and cream eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are all very soft and buttery and their all pretty pigmented. The cream shadows don’t pick up much at all, and the blushes are actually really nice.
(Swatches and Randoms of some eyeshadows and the blushes)


IMG_5248.JPG▫️2nd Layer Underneath, two side sections come out and this left one has blushes, concealer/correctors, lip color pans, lip primer, a lipstick, and a gold eyeshadow pigment. I found the lip color pans to not pick up much at all, and the gold pigment to be very smooth and pigmented.


IMG_5249.JPG▫️3rd Layer This is the right section and has brow powders, eyeshadows, a lipstick, gel eyeliners, and a light pink pigment. The brow powders are very pigmented and all but the blue and purple gel liners were really nice as well.



▫️This kit also contains a couple of travel sized brushes, and two dual ended eyeliners. I’m looking forward to playing with this more and having everything conveniently in one. So far what I’ve noticed I would repurchase would be the brow powders, eyeshadows, and the blushes. The two pigments are also very good quality as well as the brushes.


▫️Not too long ago I purchased their foundation stick in the darkest color and been using it to contour. It has made daily contouring very easy! I also really wanna try their new powder contour and highlighter kit!

Thanks for reading! I hope this gave you a good overview of how some Ulta makeup products perform!

Ipsy December “Thinking Of You”

IMG_2685.JPGThis month’s Ipsy bag is quite different from the norm. It’s smaller, the material has a soft fabric-y feel, and the inside and zipper is a sort of plum/maroon color. Let’s get into the bag:

▫️BWC beauty without cruelty Facial Cleanser ($10.99 for full size, drugstore.com)
I love receiving facial cleansers, especially when it’s a deluxe sample! It is described as (Nature’s own alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (AHAs) gently and deeply clean and actively clarify your skin without disturbing its natural balance. Pure, aroma-therapeutic essential oils tone, condition, and calm – leaving your skin clean, clear and refreshed. Paraben free. Soap free. No animal ingredients. 100% vegetarian. No synthetic or engineered fragrances. No animal testing.). Sounds good to me! I’ll update on this post to let you know how this worked for me.
So I’ve used this cleanser a couple of times now, it definitely cleans the skin very well, without drying. But I didn’t notice that because of the AHA’s in it it warns you against sun exposure which is the only downside to me.
▫️Style Sexy Hair 450 Blow out hairspray($18.95 for full size)
Once again, I don’t like receiving hair care products…and I’ve received many hairsprays already. But nonetheless, it is a very nice deluxe sample, so can’t complain much!
▫️Cailyn just mineral eye polish ‘#5 Orchid’ ($15)
This is a full sized eyeshadow that’s more than the entire bag itself! It’s a shimmery bronze color and is described on the website as a 100% raw mineral powder, safe for long wear. Their is a wide range of colors on the website, and it comes with a built in applicator.
▫️NYX butter lip balm ‘Marshmallow’($4)
This is a hydrating sheer lip balm, in a nude color. It smells really fruity, and we received a full size. I really like all NYX products so can’t go wrong with this one.
▫️Tarte lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara($20 for full size)
I’m slowly collecting a large collection of mini mascaras from ipsy! But it’s actually easier for me to apply mascara with a smaller wand. I know this mascara is raved about in the beauty community so I’m excited to see how this works for me!
So this mascara was not what I expected…it lengthened a bit, and didn’t clump, but I’ve used drugstore mascaras that have given the look of falsies, and this one just didn’t do that. It’s more of a ‘natural lashes’ look. One thing I’ve noticed is as the mascara has dried a bit it actually worked a little better for me. I do like that it doesn’t clump your lashes together and so gives you the look of having a lot of fluttery lashes.
▫️Pixi fairy dust ‘Brightening Bare’($10)
I didn’t receive this in my bag, but my mom did so I thought I might as well review it as well. It also has a built in applicator and the color is more of a rosy nude matte finish. I actually prefer this color to the other.




❄️So that was my December bag! I really liked the actual bag this month and most of it’s contents. How was your bag this month? Looking forward to a new year with Ipsy!


Princess (Hero) vs. Villain– Hercules/ Meg vs. Hades

This is a fun series on wearable makeup inspired by the princesses/ heroes and villains of our favorite animated movies! The villains usually have heavier, more dramatic makeup on, while the princesses have more neutral looks. So, I drew ideas from their outfits, jewelry, and background. Enjoy!✨


IMG_2596.JPGThis isn’t a very complicated look but I think it still compliments brown eyes really well!
Lid– orange
Crease– a darker orange-brown color
Outer Lid– brown
Liner–navy blue

To keep with Hercules’s basic colors I went for brown lips.
–MAC lipstick ‘Photo’

IMG_2610-0.JPG<br IMG_2592.JPG

IMG_2594.JPGOur heroine of the movie who also happens to be wearing awesome purple eyeshadow! Again, great for brown eyes.

Lid– purple
Outer Crease– dark plum purple
Crease and Inner Corner– metallic lavender
Liner– brown
Waterline– dark plum purple

It seem like she’s wearing a wine/plum color and so I used
–Milani Color Statement ‘Sangria’



IMG_2598.JPGHades is actually one of my favorite villains (actually I think the only). He’s very funny and quite a character so I was excited to adapt a look.
Center lid– light powder blue
Inner corner/ lid– midtone blue
Outer corner/ lid– midtone blue
Crease– light metallic blue
Liner– navy blue
Waterline– black eyeliner, then light blue underneath, then navy blue underneath
— Black eyeliner as lipstick, and black eyeshadow in top; Navy blue eyeliner in lip line and blended

💋Thanks for reading! Michelle

Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Palette|Review & Swatches


IMG_1674.JPGThe motherload. Definitely a must have if you are a makeup artist and need a wide range of colors all in one, or just love to play with makeup! Coastal Scents also frequently has sales and that’s when I bought this palette maybe more than a year ago. This comes with 252 eyeshadows, in 3 removable palettes. The pans are about dime-sized but big enough to fit your brushes in. I have yet to hit pan on any. There is a range of textures and finishes, there are mattes, metallics, and few true shimmers. Most of the colors are very buttery and easy to apply especially the metallics. It also came in perfect condition with each palette individually wrapped. I unfortunately dropped it at one point and so chunks of shadow came out of a few of them and like two shades completely came out.



IMG_1676-0.JPG As you can see, there is every color imaginable here. And the quality and lasting power of these shades are amazing . When I bought this palette there were no names for them, but now Coastal Scents sells individual hot pots and so there is a guide to find the names of all the colors in this palette if there is one you like.

These swatches are over no primer, and in indirect sunlight. Also not every color is shown!



❤️Reds & Pinks







When applying to the lids I always use a primer, I recommend NYX ‘Milk’. It seems to always make the color more vibrant, long lasting, and prevents fall out. So if you are in need of a Christmas gift for a makeup lover (or for yourself) I hope this helped!
*As always these are my own, honest reviews and always will be! 🙂


“Either I will find a way, or I will make one” -Phillip Sydney

How To: Fuller Looking Lips

Lipstick can make us feel glamorous and completes every makeup look. This is how to achieve bigger looking lips without the use of injections or lip plumpers (which sometimes stings and hurts the lips!)

Products Used

This step is optional especially if your running out of time in the morning. Wet your lips and using E.L.F Exfoliating Lip Scrub apply in circular motions on the lips. This is a grainy lip scrub in lipstick form and moisturizes while scrubbing away dead skin. Then with a damp napkin wipe away excess. Next, apply a lip balm.

And here is the #1 tool in making it look like you’ve had lip injections! I used Palladio lip liner “Vermouth” I start off lining in my natural lip line. Next, carefully thicken that line to where it is widening just outside your lip line. It needs to be slightly on the skin evenly all the way around your lips to look natural. Now you can go thicker or thinner depending on what looks natural for your face.

And now you just fill in your lips with the lipstick, I used Wet N Wild Megalast “Spiked With Rum”. Afterwards if you want your lips a little bigger you can go back with the lip liner and widen the line.



I went more natural this time, but you can definitely make them appear even bigger! Just remember to take time with the lip liner and you too can achieve the ‘kylie jenner’ lips!