Fall Makeup Looks🍂

My favorite time of the year! Unfortunately the leaves don’t turn all those brilliant colors where I’m from but, I recently visited NYC and was inspired by all the beautiful trees in Central Park. So these are some Autumn eye looks I came up with perfect for this season🍁

(For all these looks I used Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate palette but the colors don’t have names, so any similar color you have would be fine!)
–NYX Jumbo pencil ‘Milk’ as base
Lid–a rose gold metallic
Crease–a dark brown
Eyeliner–dark brown eyeshadow
Waterline–dark brown eyshadow smudged and rose gold metallic underneath

IMG_1575.JPG(so sorry for the out of control eyebrows in this pic🙈)
–Nyx ‘Milk’ as a base
Lid–a dark mustard color
Crease–an orange mixed with a light brown color
Eyeliner–brown eyeshadow
Waterline–brown eyeshadow smudged with a dark orange/brown eyeshadow

–Nyx ‘Milk’ as a base
Lid–a light shimmer yellow
Crease–a shimmer light green
Above Crease–a light brown blended into edge of green color
Eyeliner–a light brown eyeshadow only in outside half and winged out

🍂Looks 1 and 2 are more darker options of an autumn look, while look 3 is a lighter option. It’s optional, but I used no black eyeliner in these just to keep with the same fall colors of yellows, reds, browns, greens, and orange. Here are some lipstick colors that would be great with these looks as well! (Wet n Wild ‘Sand Storm’, Milani ‘Red Label’, MAC ‘Photo’)


Thanks for reading, hope you all have a great thanksgiving! ❤️



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