Collective Haul & Review|#3

These are some recent purchases that I’m going to review/ swatch for you all! These are items accumulated over a couple of months🌻


IMG_0571.JPG (swatches of all products below!)

▫️1.Milani lipstick ‘Enchanted Amethyst’ Limited Edition (around $4-5?)
This one was part of the recent limited edition lipsticks that Milani came out with not too long ago. But they always run out so fast! I luckily found this one in Kmart and it was the color I had wanted the most. It’s a lavender color that would compliment any skin tone, and goes on very smooth and creamy but is still matte. I’m not a fan of the clear tops, I like there all gold packaging more, but I am loving this lipstick!

▫️2.Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Eraser ‘Light/Medium’
(Around $7-8)
I have always heard really good things about this concealer and it really is great. With almost every single concealer I have used there is ALWAYS creasing, but with this it doesn’t crease on me at all. Even though I have medium/tan skin color, I got one of the lighter colors to lighten underneath my eyes and to use as a highlight. The consistency is semi-thick but blendable.

▫️3.Ben Nye Translucent Powder ‘Coco Tan’ (3oz. $7.79 from Amazon)
Ever since I got the Banana powder I’ve wanted to try other Ben Nye powders. These are so finely milled that to me no other powder compares. Also this line has so many options and color ranges from fairest skin tone to the deepest. Coco Tan looks really orange toned but when blended out would suit many skin tones especially if you are on the tanner side or have yellow undertones in your skin.

▫️4.Sephora Nano Eyeliner ’08 Iced Brown’($5)
This color is a pearly light brown color that is really beautiful in the waterline or in the inner corners of your eye. The Sephora line of eyeliners are actually really good quality and long lasting!

▫️5.Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color ‘922A Cherry On Top’($2-3)
I have seen these for awhile but always passed them by because I thought they were lip glosses, but they are actually very, very pigmented and long lasting liq. lipsticks. The wand is a flat spongy applicator and it glides on like a gloss at first and is sticky and then dries to a sort of matte powdery feel.. It’s hard to explain! While it is sticky you can’t rub your lips together because it gets sort of patchy. Once this thing is dry it’s very hard to come off!

▫️6.E.L.F tweezers (from an eyelash kit pack, $1 from Dollartree)
These are the one of the best tweezers I have ever used. It came included in a eye kit pack with two strip lashes. These tweezers are amazing and can get the tiniest hairs.

▫️7.Jordana 12 Hr. Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil ’01 Black Point’($2.99)
This is a must buy eyeliner if you have a hard time finding eyeliners that won’t smudge on you, fade, or end up all under your eyes. It is creamy and easy to apply and after a few seconds, is set and won’t move. It passed my ‘swatch in the arm and rub’ test and takes some very vigorous rubbing with makeup remover wipes to remove off the hand. What I use to remove it off the eyes is a wipe dipped in cold cream (takes any makeup off very easily) and gently removing it, you don’t want to rub the eye area too much.

▫️8.Inglot Freedom System 10-pan palette & two matte lip shades
I originally went in the Inglot store to just maybe get two matte lipstick shades that would be good for bridal beauty and ended up leaving with a palette to go with it. Inglot is affordable, yet good quality and has a freedom system which you can buy eyeshadow, lip colors, concealers, etc. in pan form or in a case form and you can get different sized palettes to fill in whatever you want. These matte colors were $9 each, and the creamy/glossier lipsticks are $7. I eventually want this palette to maybe be top row lipsticks, bottom row eyebrow shades? Not sure yet.


💋Thx for reading!

“Let you smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile”


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