Fall Makeup Looks🍂

My favorite time of the year! Unfortunately the leaves don’t turn all those brilliant colors where I’m from but, I recently visited NYC and was inspired by all the beautiful trees in Central Park. So these are some Autumn eye looks I came up with perfect for this season🍁

(For all these looks I used Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate palette but the colors don’t have names, so any similar color you have would be fine!)
–NYX Jumbo pencil ‘Milk’ as base
Lid–a rose gold metallic
Crease–a dark brown
Eyeliner–dark brown eyeshadow
Waterline–dark brown eyshadow smudged and rose gold metallic underneath

IMG_1575.JPG(so sorry for the out of control eyebrows in this pic🙈)
–Nyx ‘Milk’ as a base
Lid–a dark mustard color
Crease–an orange mixed with a light brown color
Eyeliner–brown eyeshadow
Waterline–brown eyeshadow smudged with a dark orange/brown eyeshadow

–Nyx ‘Milk’ as a base
Lid–a light shimmer yellow
Crease–a shimmer light green
Above Crease–a light brown blended into edge of green color
Eyeliner–a light brown eyeshadow only in outside half and winged out

🍂Looks 1 and 2 are more darker options of an autumn look, while look 3 is a lighter option. It’s optional, but I used no black eyeliner in these just to keep with the same fall colors of yellows, reds, browns, greens, and orange. Here are some lipstick colors that would be great with these looks as well! (Wet n Wild ‘Sand Storm’, Milani ‘Red Label’, MAC ‘Photo’)


Thanks for reading, hope you all have a great thanksgiving! ❤️



Princess vs. Villain–Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent

This is a fun series on wearable makeup inspired by the princesses/ heroes and villains of our favorite animated movies! The villains usually have heavier, more dramatic makeup on, while the princesses have more neutral looks. So, I drew ideas from their outfits, jewelry, and background. Enjoy!✨IMG_1300.JPG👑Sleeping Beauty was always one of my favorite princesses! I went with a look inspired from when she’s wearing the pink dress, which is unique from the other princesses. The lighting was terrible this day and so it sort of washed out the yellow I had put in the waterline to represent her hair!IMG_1350.JPG

(Coastal Scents 252 palette; Nyx ‘Milk’)
-White, all over lid and crease
-Light pink, heavily in crease and blended
-Darker pink, in outer crease and blended
-Golden/yellow, under black eyeliner
(WNW ‘Smokin Hot Pink’ with Jcat Beauty ‘Honeycomb’ over it)
-If wearing this eye look I wouldn’t suggest wearing pink lipstick at the same time, it was just for the look. But, keeping the lips natural is what I suggest since there is a very bold color on the eyes.

IMG_1345.JPG◾️Maleficent’s colors are black, green, and purple and I wanted to incorporate all of that into the look. Unfortunately no matter where I took a picture, the purple shows up a little more blue… But I promise its purple! It was really fun to do this crazy colorful look and it looks pretty villain-esque.


(Coastal Scents 252; Nyx ‘Milk’)
-Dark purple, in the middle of lid
-Green, in inner corner and blended towards the purple
-Black, in outer corner and blended towards purple
-Continue to apply the 3 colors and blend in same way
-Green, in waterline, Black underneath
(Milani Color Statement ‘Red Label’)

💋Thanks for reading! It’s been so much fun doing this Disney series, stay tuned for more!


✨Ipsy November “Girl Meets Glitter” ✨

My ipsy bag came surprisingly fast this month and I am super excited about everything I got! The theme is ‘Girl Meets Glitter’ and is a silver sparkly bag made of plastic, with a pink zipper. It’s also really great to see brands like Laura Mercier and Tarte as well as products perfect to create some holiday looks.
Here’s my bag:

Elizabeth Mott You’re So Fine waterproof liquid eyeliner ‘Glitterati’($17.99)
I always want to try new eyeliners to find out which is the best out there. This one is a black liquid liner with silver glitter in it. It’s also waterproof and passed my rubbing test, but if you rub vigorously it obviously comes off. A good thing about it is that the glitter doesn’t smear, it sort of rubs off without leaving streaks or marks. This would probably look really nice incorporated into a holiday themed look!

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base ‘Submissive’($14)
This is an eye base but can also be used as an eyeshadow. It’s a metallic-y bronze color and works really well for a natural easy look. Using it as base, it sort of makes the colors look darker, at least it did with the two shadows I tested over it. So this would be a good base to use if you want to change up the color of your eyeshadow.

Laura Mercier Universal Invisible Loose Setting Powder($37, full size)
I’ve never tried anything from this brand so it was great to receive this. It is a white, translucent setting powder that seems very finely milled so it should work great. This also comes with a Laura Mercier Mini Fan brush ($30, for full size) which on the website they recommend to use it with. So it’s pretty cool that Ipsy included both as they are supposed to work together.

Jcat Wonder Lip Paint ‘Mad Splatter’ ($4.99)
This is much like the OCC Lip tars, which I’ve only tried in Sephora so I couldn’t really compare the two. There were two colors given out and I sort of wanted the darker color but good news is my sister received the other color! ‘Mad Splatter’ is sort of a pinkish berry color and applies like a thicker gloss. To apply I just squeezed one dot onto my lips and then spread it with a brush. And one dot the amount of the picture shown below is all it takes to get an even coverage on the lips.

Marc Anthony Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray($8.99, full size)
I’m not a fan of receiving hair products, but I’m not too upset because I like the Marc Anthony brand, and I’m out of hairspray. Everything I have from this brand I really enjoy so I’m sure this will work great. I don’t use hair products often but we’ll see how this works out!


✨So that was my November ipsy bag, I really liked all the products I got this month and 3/5 were full sized. The bag was okay, I wish they wouldn’t use pink all the time lol, but overall good month!👍

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Collective Haul & Review|#3

These are some recent purchases that I’m going to review/ swatch for you all! These are items accumulated over a couple of months🌻


IMG_0571.JPG (swatches of all products below!)

▫️1.Milani lipstick ‘Enchanted Amethyst’ Limited Edition (around $4-5?)
This one was part of the recent limited edition lipsticks that Milani came out with not too long ago. But they always run out so fast! I luckily found this one in Kmart and it was the color I had wanted the most. It’s a lavender color that would compliment any skin tone, and goes on very smooth and creamy but is still matte. I’m not a fan of the clear tops, I like there all gold packaging more, but I am loving this lipstick!

▫️2.Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Eraser ‘Light/Medium’
(Around $7-8)
I have always heard really good things about this concealer and it really is great. With almost every single concealer I have used there is ALWAYS creasing, but with this it doesn’t crease on me at all. Even though I have medium/tan skin color, I got one of the lighter colors to lighten underneath my eyes and to use as a highlight. The consistency is semi-thick but blendable.

▫️3.Ben Nye Translucent Powder ‘Coco Tan’ (3oz. $7.79 from Amazon)
Ever since I got the Banana powder I’ve wanted to try other Ben Nye powders. These are so finely milled that to me no other powder compares. Also this line has so many options and color ranges from fairest skin tone to the deepest. Coco Tan looks really orange toned but when blended out would suit many skin tones especially if you are on the tanner side or have yellow undertones in your skin.

▫️4.Sephora Nano Eyeliner ’08 Iced Brown’($5)
This color is a pearly light brown color that is really beautiful in the waterline or in the inner corners of your eye. The Sephora line of eyeliners are actually really good quality and long lasting!

▫️5.Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color ‘922A Cherry On Top’($2-3)
I have seen these for awhile but always passed them by because I thought they were lip glosses, but they are actually very, very pigmented and long lasting liq. lipsticks. The wand is a flat spongy applicator and it glides on like a gloss at first and is sticky and then dries to a sort of matte powdery feel.. It’s hard to explain! While it is sticky you can’t rub your lips together because it gets sort of patchy. Once this thing is dry it’s very hard to come off!

▫️6.E.L.F tweezers (from an eyelash kit pack, $1 from Dollartree)
These are the one of the best tweezers I have ever used. It came included in a eye kit pack with two strip lashes. These tweezers are amazing and can get the tiniest hairs.

▫️7.Jordana 12 Hr. Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil ’01 Black Point’($2.99)
This is a must buy eyeliner if you have a hard time finding eyeliners that won’t smudge on you, fade, or end up all under your eyes. It is creamy and easy to apply and after a few seconds, is set and won’t move. It passed my ‘swatch in the arm and rub’ test and takes some very vigorous rubbing with makeup remover wipes to remove off the hand. What I use to remove it off the eyes is a wipe dipped in cold cream (takes any makeup off very easily) and gently removing it, you don’t want to rub the eye area too much.

▫️8.Inglot Freedom System 10-pan palette & two matte lip shades
I originally went in the Inglot store to just maybe get two matte lipstick shades that would be good for bridal beauty and ended up leaving with a palette to go with it. Inglot is affordable, yet good quality and has a freedom system which you can buy eyeshadow, lip colors, concealers, etc. in pan form or in a case form and you can get different sized palettes to fill in whatever you want. These matte colors were $9 each, and the creamy/glossier lipsticks are $7. I eventually want this palette to maybe be top row lipsticks, bottom row eyebrow shades? Not sure yet.


💋Thx for reading!

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Princess vs. Villain–Ursula

This is a fun series on wearable makeup inspired by the princesses/ heroes and villains of our favorite animated movies! The villains usually have heavier, more dramatic makeup on, while the princesses have more neutral looks. So, I drew ideas from their outfits, jewelry, and background. Enjoy!✨IMG_0456-0.JPG
🎶Poor unfortunate souls…🎶
For this look I really just copied Ursula’s own eye makeup. It is simply blue and gray, and yet very heavy and dramatic. IMG_0533.JPG
(All from Coastal Scents 252 Ultamite Palette)
-mid-tone blue, all over lid
-gray, in crease and blended very well
-mid-tone blue, waterline
-gray, right under the blue in waterline
– I slightly lined outside my lips to make them appear fuller then applied a basic red color.IMG_0534.JPG
And that is my (pretty wearable) Ursula look! For the next duo I’ll do them in one post, or else this series will take a yr to finish lol!
🐚🐙Thanks for reading! Check out my Ariel look here

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