Princess vs. Villain–Ariel🐠🐬

This is a fun series on wearable makeup inspired by the princesses/ heroes and villains of our favorite animated movies. The villains usually have heavier, more dramatic makeup on, while the princesses have more neutral looks.So, I drew ideas from their outfits, jewelry, and background. Enjoy! ✨

🐚For this look I drew inspiration from Ariel’s tail, shell bra, hair, and just the ocean all around her! The camera didn’t really capture it but in the crease I applied an aqua color that matches her tail perfectly. This is actually a very wearable look if your feeling bold one day!

(Coastal Scents 252 Palette; WNW ‘Pride’ palette)
-White, all over lid and crease
-Light blue, on lid
-Aqua/ aqua glitter, crease
-Purple, waterline
-Red, inner corners
-Bright red, I used Milani ‘Red Label’IMG_0216.JPG

🐠Up next: Ursula!


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