Darling Girl Cosmetics Haul/Review

IMG_9972.JPGI was so excited to finally receive my order from Darling Girl! This is an indie brand that makes some beautiful pigments, blushes and much more. The website also has some great swatches and photos of each product so it’s very easy to use. The turn around time when I ordered was 20-22 business days and it took a little under a month to get here.
I ordered four eyeshadows in the petit size (2.50) and the blogger review pack which let’s you choose either four eyeshadow or blush samples and one petit size.

IMG_9973.JPG(top row is with Maybelline Color Tattoo ‘Just Beige’; bttm row is with Nyx Jumbo Pencil ‘Black Bean’)
▫️With using the beige base (top) the colors came out just as they are, when using the black base (bttm) they came out either darker, or with different colored shifts showing through.

Eyeshadow pigment ‘Barabella’
On the DG website it is described as “..a metallic melon-y gold with a red/orange flash”. This is a muted copper when on a skin tone base and becomes more vibrant under the black base. It looks really pretty and natural on the eyes.

Matte I’d Like To Find collection ‘Untamed Desire’
DG website “buttery smooth powder blue” This collection is an all matte collection with names based on romance novels. I want every single shadow! They go from muted, light colors to vibrant.

Oh The Horror collection ‘Here’s Johnny’
This is a Halloween themed collection inspired by classic movie villains and monsters. DG describes this as “blackened red with color shifting sparkle”. On me it came out with a more purple shift.

Oh The Horror collection ‘King Kong’
DG: “black with strong turquoise flash and silver and gold sparks”. This is such a unique color to experiment with.

Darling Grrl collection ‘Ruby Soho’
DG: “ruby red with lavender shimmers”. This was my gift with purchase, at first I was a little wary because it’s a red shade, but put over a black base it becomes a cool magenta shade with purple sparkle.

Soft Focus Blush ‘Paradise Pink’
This is peachy pink color and would look great in medium to tan skin tones. It shows up a bit more than the swatch shows but is a light natural color.

Soft Focus Blush ‘Kiss The Frog’
This is an interesting plum wine color and applies very smoothly as do all of these blushes!

IMG_0203.JPGSoft Focus Blush ‘The Magic Lamp’
This is a “mid tone lavender with reddish undertones” on me I didn’t really see any reddish undertones but it is a really cool blush color! I’ve always wanted to try a purple blush!

IMG_0204.JPGSoft Focus Blush ‘Cherry Bomb’
This is a bright red color; it applies with more of a pink tone, you would definitely need a light hand with this one.

🌷That’s it for my Darling Girl Cosmetics haul/review can’t wait to try some fun looks with these! Thanks for reading! ❤️Michelle

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see” -Henry David Thoreau



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