🍭Ipsy October “Beauty Candy”🍭

This month’s theme is “Beauty Candy” perfect for Halloween…I’m really loving the bag and especially the color! I’m overall pleased with my bag, I just wish our preferences were taken more into consideration (not a fan of hair products and hand creams!)
Here’s what I got in my bag:

🍭Ecru New York Acacia Protein BB Cream
This is a bb cream product for the hair. It’s supposd to be very moisturizing and lightweight. I don’t use hair care products much; but I’m happy with the size we recieved. I’m going to be trying this out and see how I like it.
🍬Mica Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow ‘Reluctance’
This is a loose mineral eyeshadow which is “extremely gentle, free of preservatives, chemicals, dyes, talc, oils & other fillers.” ‘Reluctance’ is sort of a shimemer/metallic light sea-green with sort of a gold shift. It is very pigmented and is very easy to apply and such a beautiful color!
🍭Figs & Rouge Nourishing & Soothing hand cream
This hand cream is a very thin formula and leaves the skin really soft and smells good too!
🍬Eipce Purifying Exfoliant
This is a very gentle scrub that I think would work for all skin types it is supposed to “remove excess dirt and oil, dead skin cells, while activating collagen production”. We also recieved a very big sample size.
🍭Starlooks lipgloss ‘Guilty Pleasure’
We recieved a cute little sample of the lipgloss. I’m normally not a fan of glosses, but this formula is absolutely not sticky at all. It’s also not extremely glossy or shiny, it feels more creamy if anything. The color is a nude pink and very wearable.

(shadow swatched with no primer)


Makeup look using Mica Beauty ‘Reluctance’ and Starlooks lipgloss this is over Maybelline Color Tattoo ‘Just Beige’, and then with a wet brush to apply ‘Reluctance’.

(different lighting, direct light makes the color look lighter)



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