Skincare Routine💦

IMG_9372-0.JPGMy skincare routine has been the same for awhile now. I have combo/oily skin and dealt with acne a couple of years ago. I use to only use acne treatment products with salicylic acid etc. All these products were doing were stripping my skin of all oils, making the skin then produce more oil to compensate. I also never moisturized. I learned a lot when I studied skincare and started to change my routine, I stopped using acne treatment products altogether and moisturized everyday and my skin actually got better!
▫️I’m not saying this is the solution to acne, this is just what works for me & the steps I take to maintain my skin!▫️
On to the routine!:
I like to switch up the products but for awhile I’ve been using the Olay Fresh Effects {shine shine go away} cleanser. It is a creamy formula and a very little goes a long way. It also smells amazing (always a plus) and leaves a clean feeling w/o drying out the skin.

Typically you should exfoliate 3 times a week, or more often with a gentle scrub. Exfoliation is a deeper cleaning and helps get rid of dead skin. I actually need to buy a new scrub but these are some ones I’ve used in the past.

Toner is a very important step as it balances out your skin and picks up any left over dirt/makeup your cleanser didn’t get. I use this right after cleanser with a cotton round. I’m currently using an Olay but another favorite of mine is Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel it is very inexpensive and works wonders on your pores!

Like I said before I never used to use moisturizer… I was afraid it’d give me more pimples! But it’s actually what my skin needed. If you have acne prone skin they do sell moisturizer especially for oily skin type. I’m using Ponds for the daytime; it is very lightweight and I actually buy the travel sized version for under $2 at Target and they last me a loooong time! At night I use a heavier cream and it’s the Olay Regenerist Luminous which I recieved in a voxbox. It’s very hydrating and makes my skin just feel better (if that makes sense lol).

It’s usually recommended to use 1-2 times a week. There are so many great masks out there. It’s also really fun to make your own! I really love using the Queen Helene brand as well. It’s inexpensive and there are so many different types. The one I’m using now is mud pack masque which is great for all skin types, and revitalizes and brightens my face.

Our skincare routines and products change frequently but as long as you follow the general steps of: cleanser, toner, moisturizer…. Find what works for you!
🌺thanks for reading

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it"- Confucius


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