Mini Review : Makeup Forever (birthday sample set)

One of the perks of having a Sephora rewards card is that on your birthday you get a free sample of products! They also change up the gift every year. Last year I received a mini They’re real mascara and a miniWatts Up highlighter from Benefit. This year it was a mascara and lipstick from Makeup Forever which I was really excited about because I haven’t really tried much from the brand.


Rouge Artist Natural: N9 Copper Pink
This color is a sort of soft coral color and is really close to my lip color so it is a very subtle, natural color on me. It is very creamy and smooth when applied and has a slight shine finish… but not too bad. There is a wide range of colors in this line and it is broken down to two categories, natural and intense; the full size is $20.00.


Smokey Extravagent mascara
I really like the idea of the brush and it is very good for getting the inner corners of your lashes… but that’s about all that I like about this mascara. It is a dry formula and takes many, many strokes to lengthen the lashes a bit and it didn’t volumize my lashes at all. It is $24.00 for the full size, but there are so many cheaper and better options for a great mascara!
💋 Michelle

“It’s not knowing what to do, it’s doing what you know.” -Anthony Robbins


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