My favorite: E.L.F Brushes

Some of my favorite brushes, and what makes up most of my brush collection, are the E.L.F professional line brushes. You can also find these at Target!
These brushes have an all black, sleek handle and have the name of the brush printed on the handle as well. They are also very sturdy and according to the website are synthetic haired Taklon bristles that can be used wet or dry. They are very soft, feel high quality, and can compete with other great brands. Fortunately for us they are only $3!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

IMG_8616.JPG (from left to right)
1.Complexion Brush Can be used for powder and setting undereye concealer
2.Powder Brush This is a flat topped brush that picks up a lot of product. It’s also sturdy enough to apply foundation.
3.Small Stipple Brush This is a flat topped brush and is perfect for applying cream products.
4.Blush Brush This is the perfect size to apply blush, contour, and highlight.

IMG_8617.JPG1.Flawless Concealer Brush This is the perfect brush for gently applying concealer to the under eye area.
2.Eyeshadow “C” Brush This is a basic eyelid brush and is sturdy yet soft and picks up a lot of product.
3.Contour Brush This brush is perfect for applying shadow to the crease.
4.Angled Eyeliner Brush Although I really like this brush and how easy it makes applying gel liner, the bristles have spread apart making it more difficult to work with.

I recommend these brushes to everyone especially if your looking to get quality brushes without spending too much money.

Here are some of my other most used brushes from various brands! Thanks for reading! ❀ Michelle



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