Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos|Review & Swatches

IMG_9356.JPGI’ve been wanting to try these out for awhile, but the price always kept me away. I think they’re $6-8? But I actually found these at the Dollar Tree! Yup I paid $1 for these. They had these and a white color that I didn’t get. The wrapping also said limited edition, so I’m not sure which collection these are from. All of these are matte shades which I’m super excited about❤️


IMG_9354.JPGI now know what the hype of these was about. They are very creamy and blendable. But once it dries, that’s it they won’t move! The best and easiest way to apply these is with your fingers. They can be used as eyeshadow, an eyeshadow base, or as an eyeliner. This is a great versatile product to have in your collection and really is like a tattoo!
❤ Michelle

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Lorac Pro Palette|Review & Swatches

IMG_8581.JPGI recently got the Lorac Pro Palette that I’ve been wanting forever! All reviews and swatches looked amazing and it looked like a beautiful palette to have for bridal beauty, which is what I want to primarily use it for. What I love is that you can create a lot of different looks from just this one palette from a simple nude look to a dark smokey eye.


IMG_5247-0.JPG(same order as top; no primer; indirect outdoor lighting)
✨Pictures cannot truly reveal how beautiful these colors are! All the lighter colors are actually much more pigmented in person. Also:
🔸Palette was $42, and includes a mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
🔸All shades are softy and buttery in texture
🔸Great pigmentation
🔸Blends easily
🔸Experienced no fall out

Final thoughts: I used this palette recently on myself and a few other bridesmaids for my brother’s wedding and the results were beautiful and long lasting. I highly recommend especially if you are a makeup artist looking for a palette that will give great pigmentation and photograph beautifully!
Thanks for reading! 💋Michelle

Mini Review : Makeup Forever (birthday sample set)

One of the perks of having a Sephora rewards card is that on your birthday you get a free sample of products! They also change up the gift every year. Last year I received a mini They’re real mascara and a miniWatts Up highlighter from Benefit. This year it was a mascara and lipstick from Makeup Forever which I was really excited about because I haven’t really tried much from the brand.


Rouge Artist Natural: N9 Copper Pink
This color is a sort of soft coral color and is really close to my lip color so it is a very subtle, natural color on me. It is very creamy and smooth when applied and has a slight shine finish… but not too bad. There is a wide range of colors in this line and it is broken down to two categories, natural and intense; the full size is $20.00.


Smokey Extravagent mascara
I really like the idea of the brush and it is very good for getting the inner corners of your lashes… but that’s about all that I like about this mascara. It is a dry formula and takes many, many strokes to lengthen the lashes a bit and it didn’t volumize my lashes at all. It is $24.00 for the full size, but there are so many cheaper and better options for a great mascara!
💋 Michelle

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Ipsy September “Street Style”

My favorite time of the month! I am always looking forward to finding that pink packaging in the mail box! I love this month’s bag, it is metallic gray with silver studs and is a pretty big size that you can use as a clutch! I’m also liking that we’re seeing some different brands this month.

IMG_9012.JPG Here’s what I got in my bag:

Hikari lipstick in “Cabernet”($13)
I’ve never heard of this brand but I love trying new brands out and that is what’s so great about ipsy! This is a full size lipstick and is just described on their website as a long-lasting, vivid lipstick. The color is a wine color, perfect for fall!

Crown Brush deluxe infinity shadow/crease duet ($6.99)
I have heard of this brand but have never tried it. It seems like really great quality and I’m really liking how the bristles feel. It is also very useful having a shadow/crease brush in one making it travel friendly and very simple to apply eyeshadow. The website seems to have a lot of markdowns but I’m not sure if they are permanent, and there is a wide variety of brushes to choose from.

Alterna Caviar cc cream($25, for a full size)
This is another brand I’ve never heard of, but I’m excited to try. It is a leave-in cream for the hair that claims to have 10 benefits in 1 including shine, uv protection, anti breakage, moisture, etc. Can’t wait to see if this works well on my hair!

Pacifica natural waterproof eyeliner “Gun metal”($11, for a full size)
I’m not too sure about Pacifica makeup, just because the duo eyeshadow we recieved a couple of months ago had no pigmentation and just wasn’t good. But this eyeliner seem to be creamy and pigmented and I really love the color they sent me, we’ll see how this wears!

Nourish Organic facial cleanser($13.99, for a full size) I love trying out new cleansers, and it’s also great when they are organic, natural products. It has a strange smell but nothing too bad.
Overall I think this was a great bag; I love the different design of the bag and the fact that there is a bunch of new brands that they incorporated. We also received a great variety of things: hair care, skincare, and makeup.👍 ❤ michelle

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My favorite: E.L.F Brushes

Some of my favorite brushes, and what makes up most of my brush collection, are the E.L.F professional line brushes. You can also find these at Target!
These brushes have an all black, sleek handle and have the name of the brush printed on the handle as well. They are also very sturdy and according to the website are synthetic haired Taklon bristles that can be used wet or dry. They are very soft, feel high quality, and can compete with other great brands. Fortunately for us they are only $3!👏👏👏

IMG_8616.JPG (from left to right)
1.Complexion Brush Can be used for powder and setting undereye concealer
2.Powder Brush This is a flat topped brush that picks up a lot of product. It’s also sturdy enough to apply foundation.
3.Small Stipple Brush This is a flat topped brush and is perfect for applying cream products.
4.Blush Brush This is the perfect size to apply blush, contour, and highlight.

IMG_8617.JPG1.Flawless Concealer Brush This is the perfect brush for gently applying concealer to the under eye area.
2.Eyeshadow “C” Brush This is a basic eyelid brush and is sturdy yet soft and picks up a lot of product.
3.Contour Brush This brush is perfect for applying shadow to the crease.
4.Angled Eyeliner Brush Although I really like this brush and how easy it makes applying gel liner, the bristles have spread apart making it more difficult to work with.

I recommend these brushes to everyone especially if your looking to get quality brushes without spending too much money.

Here are some of my other most used brushes from various brands! Thanks for reading! ❤ Michelle