Wet n Wild ‘Lust’ : 4 Looks, 1 Palette

This is going to be the first in a mini-series where I create four different eye looks using only one palette. This is a great way to get creative and to see how you don’t need a million palettes to create different and unique looks.

The Palette: Wet n’ Wild ‘Lust’ 6-pan palette. This is an older palette but you can still find it in some places. There are 3 mattes shades: lavender, purple, and a deep wine color. And 3 shimmer/metallic shades: a light pink, gunmetal gray, and a deep wine color with purple flecks.

Look #1

🔹Apply 1.(lavender) all over lid.
🔹Apply 2.(gray) in the inner and outer corners of eye and blend slightly onto lid.
🔹Apply 3.(purple) in crease and blend.

Look #2

🔹Use a mix of 1.(lavender) and 1.(purple) for the lid
🔹Apply 2. (light pink) in the crease
🔹Apply 2. again on the waterline as eyeliner
🔹Use 3. (deep wine) as an eyeliner on lid

Look #3

🔹Apply 1. (wine color) all over lid
🔹Apply 2. (gray) all over crease
🔹Use 2. as liner in the water line
🔹Apply 3. (Light pink) in inner corners

Look #4

🔹Apply 1.(light pink) all over lid and crease.
🔹Wetting a thin brush w/ E.L.F. Makeup mist & set and dip into 2.(purple) line lid and wing out
🔹Use same process and dip into 3.(gray) and line on top of purple line and wing out

This palette has a great range of colors in the purple family to create very light, daytime looks to dark, dramatic looks. I hope this has showed you different ways you can use just one palette, and that you don’t need much as long as you are creative!🎨💙


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