NP Set Lipsticks

NP Set is a makeup line primarily out of Australia sold in Target by makeup artist Napoleon Perdis. This is his sort of “drugstore” version of the high-end brand. According to the NP Set cosmetics website the collection is 98% paraben free, has organic benefits, and uses recyclable packaging.

Target was having a clearance on the whole line of NP Set. It must have been on sale for awhile because a lot of things were gone already and there were only two lipstick colors left. It is a pricy line for being drugstore, so this is my first time trying anything from this brand.

NP Set Lipstick(orig. $12, on clearance for $3.60)
The packaging says that it is a long-lasting lipstick containing Jojoba Seed Oil to soften and protect while Beeswax moisturizes lips. It comes in a white packaging with the top of the tube showing what color the lipstick is.

Marseilles: this is an extremely glossy, light red color. It applies very soft and smoothly, and is not sticky at all. However, I do not like the glossy look on my lips, and it didn’t say anywhere on the packaging what kind of finish this lipstick had, so a little disappointed with this one.

Golden Coast: this one is a creamy, matte finish and a hot pink color. It also is very smooth and soft when applying. While it is matte, it is absolutely not drying at all and feels really good on the lips.

IMG_7043.JPGFinal Verdict: I really liked Golden Coast and the pigmentation it had. I also like how smooth and creamy both lipsticks were. I am sure the other colors are really nice as well. I just wish that somewhere on the packaging it would say what kind of finish they had. Especially since in Target you can’t exactly open each lipstick and do a swatch.

💄Thank you for reading my review on these lipsticks! Let me know if you’ve tried anything else from this brand that is worth trying! ❤ Michelle
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop


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