Collective Haul & Review|#2

These are some recent purchases that I’ve accumulated for a couple of months that I’m gonna review for you all at once!
1.Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray
Walgreens was having a bogo sale on Marc Anthony products and I loved this product from ipsy so I just had to get the full size! It leaves my hair with beach-like waves and is in my favorite scent coconut.

2.Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment
This is my first time trying argan oil; just a tiny drop of this and it tames my frizz and gives my hair shine. I can’t explain the smell but it sort of an herbal scent, not bad at all.

3.Inglot AMC gel liner #77 ($12)
This is my first Inglot purchase and I was actually surprised at the prices. I thought everything there would be much more expensive! These gel liners come in many beautiful colors, and claim to be 100% waterproof and smudge proof. They lady there also said it is very hard to remove and you have to use baby oil. So I had really high hopes for this liner. It is very creamy and pigmented and glides on very smoothly, it also dries on the lid quickly and sort of hardens in place. But this liner is not smudgeproof, at least for me. Everytime I do a winged liner, hours later I see some black underneath my eye or the wing is smudged a bit. What I do like about it is the easy application and how rich black the color is.

4.Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70($1.99)
I got this right before going on a cruise because I wanted a high spf for my face. I’ve used Hang-Ten spf 50 on my face once and it left a heavy, greasy looking residue (granted it doesn’t claim to be for the face at all). This one however, isn’t for the face either, yet glided in like a regular face lotion. Very lightweight, and smelled really sweet!

5.Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder($16.95 for 1.5oz/42 gm)
I am so excited to finally try the infamous banana powder. I’ve used Ben Nye products only for special fx makeup I did in school, but never the more traditional products this brand carries. This powder is amazing! I’ve used it on my sister and myself and the results were both flawless! It is extremely lightweight and just makes the undereye area very smooth and bright.

6.E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner($3)
This is a great little bottle to keep handy and spot clean your brushes! It works very well and smells very fresh and citrus-y.

7.Inglot Face Blush #42($12)
All Inglot blushes I swatched in the store were very pigmented and beautiful and I wanted them all! This blush is a sort of rust color with a little shimmer in it. It looks great on more darker skin tones and applied very smoothly.


8.E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter($3; in glow/medium)
This is a double ended tube with a concealer end and a highlighter end. The highlighter end has a white cast and a lot of shimmer and I don’t use it at all. The concealer end however is a perfect salmon shade for under the eyes. It is very lightweight and applied very smoothly. You need to build the coverage a bit, but what’s great about this is that it doesn’t crease.
❤️thanks for reading!!

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”
-Winston Churchill


6 thoughts on “Collective Haul & Review|#2

  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing about these products. I always like seeing what others have to say (as I do a little of this on my own blog) but this was nice because I haven’t seen too many cover the marc anthony hair products. I’ve always been curious about them considering I see them at Walgreens as well but hearing you say it tames frizz and adds shine is all I needed to hear! Thanks!!

  2. I had to buy the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray as well after I got in my Ispy Glam Bag. The bottle I picked up in the store was the last one and it had a rebate on it to try it for free 🙂

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