Wet n Wild Limited Edition Coloricon Trios

This is a review of two out of the six limited edition eyeshadow trios that recently came out for Wet n Wild. I bought the two that I figured I would use the most. But after reviewing the colors and doing great looks with them I’m interested in trying out the others!

20140804-013446-5686327.jpgI purchased Lost My Wristband and Sun-set to See. Both have all matte shades, have an extremely soft and buttery texture, are easy to blend, and are very pigmented. I experienced no fall out and had long lasting results. For both palettes I followed the directions pressed into the powders to see how well these could work together, but you can definitely switch things up!

Lost My Wristband:For this one all I used was ELF face primer on the lids, and the colors were very pigmented so with a white base like NYX Jumbo Pencil ‘Milk’ the results could be even better!

Eyelidcolor is a lime green color
Crease is a yellow and swatches brighter than when applied to lid
Browbone is a cool pink color.

Final Verdict these color combinations may seem a bit scary to try, I know it did for me but I was surprised at how wearable and subtle these colors are; I even got compliments on it!

Sun-Set To See: For this one I used the NYX jumbo pencil, but these colors are def. pigmented on their own.

Eyelid is a bright orange color
Crease is an average brown color
Browbone is a cream/nude color.

Final Verdict: I love how the results are sort of a smokey sunset look that just goes together so well.

☀️As expected, these Wet n Wild shadows were amazing and the color combinations are fun and complimentary. I highly recommend that you try these limited edition trios out before they’re gone! ❤ Michelle

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”-Albert Einstein


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