Wet n Wild ‘Lust’ : 4 Looks, 1 Palette

This is going to be the first in a mini-series where I create four different eye looks using only one palette. This is a great way to get creative and to see how you don’t need a million palettes to create different and unique looks.

The Palette: Wet n’ Wild ‘Lust’ 6-pan palette. This is an older palette but you can still find it in some places. There are 3 mattes shades: lavender, purple, and a deep wine color. And 3 shimmer/metallic shades: a light pink, gunmetal gray, and a deep wine color with purple flecks.

Look #1

🔹Apply 1.(lavender) all over lid.
🔹Apply 2.(gray) in the inner and outer corners of eye and blend slightly onto lid.
🔹Apply 3.(purple) in crease and blend.

Look #2

🔹Use a mix of 1.(lavender) and 1.(purple) for the lid
🔹Apply 2. (light pink) in the crease
🔹Apply 2. again on the waterline as eyeliner
🔹Use 3. (deep wine) as an eyeliner on lid

Look #3

🔹Apply 1. (wine color) all over lid
🔹Apply 2. (gray) all over crease
🔹Use 2. as liner in the water line
🔹Apply 3. (Light pink) in inner corners

Look #4

🔹Apply 1.(light pink) all over lid and crease.
🔹Wetting a thin brush w/ E.L.F. Makeup mist & set and dip into 2.(purple) line lid and wing out
🔹Use same process and dip into 3.(gray) and line on top of purple line and wing out

This palette has a great range of colors in the purple family to create very light, daytime looks to dark, dramatic looks. I hope this has showed you different ways you can use just one palette, and that you don’t need much as long as you are creative!🎨💙


NP Set Lipsticks

NP Set is a makeup line primarily out of Australia sold in Target by makeup artist Napoleon Perdis. This is his sort of “drugstore” version of the high-end brand. According to the NP Set cosmetics website the collection is 98% paraben free, has organic benefits, and uses recyclable packaging.

Target was having a clearance on the whole line of NP Set. It must have been on sale for awhile because a lot of things were gone already and there were only two lipstick colors left. It is a pricy line for being drugstore, so this is my first time trying anything from this brand.

NP Set Lipstick(orig. $12, on clearance for $3.60)
The packaging says that it is a long-lasting lipstick containing Jojoba Seed Oil to soften and protect while Beeswax moisturizes lips. It comes in a white packaging with the top of the tube showing what color the lipstick is.

Marseilles: this is an extremely glossy, light red color. It applies very soft and smoothly, and is not sticky at all. However, I do not like the glossy look on my lips, and it didn’t say anywhere on the packaging what kind of finish this lipstick had, so a little disappointed with this one.

Golden Coast: this one is a creamy, matte finish and a hot pink color. It also is very smooth and soft when applying. While it is matte, it is absolutely not drying at all and feels really good on the lips.

IMG_7043.JPGFinal Verdict: I really liked Golden Coast and the pigmentation it had. I also like how smooth and creamy both lipsticks were. I am sure the other colors are really nice as well. I just wish that somewhere on the packaging it would say what kind of finish they had. Especially since in Target you can’t exactly open each lipstick and do a swatch.

💄Thank you for reading my review on these lipsticks! Let me know if you’ve tried anything else from this brand that is worth trying! ❤ Michelle
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Ipsy August – “Beauty Schooled”

It’s that time of the month again! This month’s theme is “Beauty Schooled”. There are many sources you can use to learn more makeup tips and reviews, from books to YouTube to blogs (wink, wink). There’s always more to learn!

I’m so happy they finally did a different shaped bag! Last time they switched it up was July 2013’s “Beach Beauty”. It’s a really cute orange and white polka dotted plastic material; although it’s not my fav bag I’m glad it’s something different and fun. Let’s get into what’s inside:

🌊Coastal Scents Forever Blush(sample duo; reg. $7.95)
This is a tiny sample of colors “Fresh”, a light peach-y color and “Elegant”, a dark pink shimmer color. These come in little pans that you can pop out of the plastic if you want to transfer them into a palette. There are 18 beautiful colors in the collection and they are actually 50% off right now til 8/22 on the coastal scents website!


🌾Dr. Brandt Pores No More ($45 for full size)
This is a pore refining primer for oil/combination skin and can be applied under or over your makeup. Primer is an important step in makeup application and a good one can help make your foundation look smooth and flawless. We were given a good sized sample especially for the hefty price of the full sized one. I haven’t tried this yet but I’ll keep you posted!

🌊Lord & Berry mini kajal kohl-liner(#1001 black silk)
This is a new brand to me that was established in Milan and describes itself as a fashion forward makeup brand. This eyeliner applies smoothly and easily and can also be smudged for a more smoky look.


🌾Absolute New York You’re The Balm in “Green Apple”($5.99 for duo)
This balm if from the Nicka K New York brand and on the website is only sold in duos; Green Apple with Grape & Strawberry with Bubblegum. This balm smells amazing and makes your lips soft and smooth.


🌊Urban Decay Perversion mascara($22 for full size)
This is the brand new mascara by UD so it’s cool that ipsters can try a deluxe sample of it. According to UD, it won’t clump at all and is made of a complex blend of proteins and amino acids to stimulate lash growth. We’ll see if this actually works!


This was an interesting blend of products and a unique bag! I love that some different brands were used as well. Can’t wait for next months ipsy! ❤ Michelle

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Collective Haul & Review|#2

These are some recent purchases that I’ve accumulated for a couple of months that I’m gonna review for you all at once!
1.Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray
Walgreens was having a bogo sale on Marc Anthony products and I loved this product from ipsy so I just had to get the full size! It leaves my hair with beach-like waves and is in my favorite scent coconut.

2.Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment
This is my first time trying argan oil; just a tiny drop of this and it tames my frizz and gives my hair shine. I can’t explain the smell but it sort of an herbal scent, not bad at all.

3.Inglot AMC gel liner #77 ($12)
This is my first Inglot purchase and I was actually surprised at the prices. I thought everything there would be much more expensive! These gel liners come in many beautiful colors, and claim to be 100% waterproof and smudge proof. They lady there also said it is very hard to remove and you have to use baby oil. So I had really high hopes for this liner. It is very creamy and pigmented and glides on very smoothly, it also dries on the lid quickly and sort of hardens in place. But this liner is not smudgeproof, at least for me. Everytime I do a winged liner, hours later I see some black underneath my eye or the wing is smudged a bit. What I do like about it is the easy application and how rich black the color is.

4.Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70($1.99)
I got this right before going on a cruise because I wanted a high spf for my face. I’ve used Hang-Ten spf 50 on my face once and it left a heavy, greasy looking residue (granted it doesn’t claim to be for the face at all). This one however, isn’t for the face either, yet glided in like a regular face lotion. Very lightweight, and smelled really sweet!

5.Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder($16.95 for 1.5oz/42 gm)
I am so excited to finally try the infamous banana powder. I’ve used Ben Nye products only for special fx makeup I did in school, but never the more traditional products this brand carries. This powder is amazing! I’ve used it on my sister and myself and the results were both flawless! It is extremely lightweight and just makes the undereye area very smooth and bright.

6.E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner($3)
This is a great little bottle to keep handy and spot clean your brushes! It works very well and smells very fresh and citrus-y.

7.Inglot Face Blush #42($12)
All Inglot blushes I swatched in the store were very pigmented and beautiful and I wanted them all! This blush is a sort of rust color with a little shimmer in it. It looks great on more darker skin tones and applied very smoothly.


8.E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter($3; in glow/medium)
This is a double ended tube with a concealer end and a highlighter end. The highlighter end has a white cast and a lot of shimmer and I don’t use it at all. The concealer end however is a perfect salmon shade for under the eyes. It is very lightweight and applied very smoothly. You need to build the coverage a bit, but what’s great about this is that it doesn’t crease.
❤️thanks for reading!!

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Battle of the Lip Stains

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass vs. Benefit Benetint vs. theBalm Stainiac

20140810-022753-8873897.jpgThanks to subscription services, I have acquired a little collection of lip stains. I don’t reach for lip stains as often as lipsticks but maybe this will help me to! Lip stains/tints are a quick, easy product that are supposed give your lips just a subtle bit of color to resemble “stained” lips. They mostly also double as a cheek stain.

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass ($22.99)
-smells like cherries
-between a liquid and gel consistency
-most pigmented of all three
-easy to apply
-a bright red color
-long lasting

Benefit Benetint ($30, for full size)
-smells like roses
-liquid consistency
-least pigmented of all three
-dried quickest
-difficult to apply and make even
-more of a pink/light red color


theBalm Stainiac ($17, for full size)
-no particular smell
-gel consistency
-light red
-easy to apply
-when wet becomes gel like again and then dries


All three brands:
-when first applied left a sort of burning/ tingling sensation sort of like a lip plumper
-feel sticky for quite awhile after application
-fade into own lip color
-if you smooth together your lips when applying it gathers the products into the outline of lips

✨For me these products are a bit pricey for what they are, especially if I don’t use it often. The best one in my opinion is the Tints & Sass or if you are looking for a more subtle color then Stainiac is for you. These all also double as cheek stains and leave basically the same results of a light flush.
Let me know what your favorite lip stains are! ❤ Michelle

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Wet n Wild Limited Edition Coloricon Trios

This is a review of two out of the six limited edition eyeshadow trios that recently came out for Wet n Wild. I bought the two that I figured I would use the most. But after reviewing the colors and doing great looks with them I’m interested in trying out the others!

20140804-013446-5686327.jpgI purchased Lost My Wristband and Sun-set to See. Both have all matte shades, have an extremely soft and buttery texture, are easy to blend, and are very pigmented. I experienced no fall out and had long lasting results. For both palettes I followed the directions pressed into the powders to see how well these could work together, but you can definitely switch things up!

Lost My Wristband:For this one all I used was ELF face primer on the lids, and the colors were very pigmented so with a white base like NYX Jumbo Pencil ‘Milk’ the results could be even better!

Eyelidcolor is a lime green color
Crease is a yellow and swatches brighter than when applied to lid
Browbone is a cool pink color.

Final Verdict these color combinations may seem a bit scary to try, I know it did for me but I was surprised at how wearable and subtle these colors are; I even got compliments on it!

Sun-Set To See: For this one I used the NYX jumbo pencil, but these colors are def. pigmented on their own.

Eyelid is a bright orange color
Crease is an average brown color
Browbone is a cream/nude color.

Final Verdict: I love how the results are sort of a smokey sunset look that just goes together so well.

☀️As expected, these Wet n Wild shadows were amazing and the color combinations are fun and complimentary. I highly recommend that you try these limited edition trios out before they’re gone! ❤ Michelle

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