Influenster- VowVoxBox

20140628-105623-39383359.jpgSo what is Influenster you may ask?….It is a review site where the members or “influensters” can review from a vast amount of categories, such as health and beauty, fitness, household items, stores/restaurants, etc.
If you are and active influenster, by writing reviews and linking your social media like your Instagram, YouTube, or blog this improves your chances of receiving free vox boxes. They essentially want you to spread the word of these different items, review it, make a video, and influence others to try it. Which is fine by me if the item is awesome. The Vow Vox Box had some amazing products

Eco Tools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge

20140628-111530-40530278.jpgThis is a facial sponge which hardens when dry and gets extremely soft when wet. It is very gentle and will not be too harsh on your skin or leave redness like other sponges. My skin feels like it has a deep cleansing when using this (but not drying). All your makeup is for sure to be removed!

Tide To Go Pen 

A quick and easy stain remover that can conveniently fit in your purse.

Pure Silk “Raspberry Mist” moisturizing shave cream with aloe

I never use shave cream, just water, but when I used this it was a lot easier to glide the shaver and I felt like I got a closer shave with this.

Sally Hansen nail polish ‘Barracuda’

This color is a beautiful and vibrant baby blue. The brush is wide and picks up a lot of product. Two coats is just enough for an opaque look

(Color is sort of washed out in pic, but it is a bright baby blue!)


Olay Regenerist Luminous tone perfecting cream

This moisturizer….idk what to say! First off, it smells amazing, it also extremely soft and feels lightweight yet moisturizing on the skin. There is no greasiness left behind at all and I recommend this for all skin types. It also just feels different from any other moisturizer I’ve used if that makes sense, I just love it.

* This isn’t a subscription service* You have to be an active influenster, and I’m not sure how often boxes are sent out, but you don’t recieve all of them either. There was recently a Mary Kay themed box, a Victoria Secret themed box, one called surfsupvoxbox, etc. but it is fun to try out and discover new products, so go on and become a part of influenster!
I’ve recieved two other boxes in the past (more details on my instagram):
Uni Vox Box

Jolly Vox Box

Thank you for reading! Until next time belles❤️!


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